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Re: Take Two Owner Of 2k And Rockstar Buys WWE's Video Game License

Originally Posted by charmed1 View Post
Take Two means more than likely we will see it go under the 2K sports logo, anyone thinking this is going towards borerlands need to think again.

Its not the best announcement. Anyone who plays sports games know that the 2K franchises aren't exactly the stellar ones you rush out to buy.

EA would have been a better partner. Guess we wont know til after WWE 14. But I'm not holding up high hopes for it. This puts it on the level of the Lucha game for me.
EA is extremely overrated. People think its great because its the only one around, its not even a sim either.Its the"sexy" pick and their graphics aren't even that good they're just shiny and tricks people. People think THQ just money grabs, whats going to happen if EA took over?Even worse!

Originally Posted by dxbender View Post
MLB-SCEA beat out all companies(though to be fair,MLB The Show is considered one of(if not the) best sports series)

NBA-2K beat out EA Sports

NFL-EA Sports beat out 2K by getting rights to NFL games(though NFL 2K5 many people consider one of best sports games ever)

NHL-EA Sports beat out 2K(to be fair,EA Sports NHL series has been around forever,and EA Sports has a location in Canada,which they use alot for making NHL game)

So don't really see how EA is better. Based on what each company has done in past 3-4 years, 2K for sure is better.
MLB-2k lost it once Kush pulled away from them. THeir baseball games were pretty dam good(2k7 was great) but yes The Show blows all away

NBA-Can't agree more(finally EA got humbled). WHen they get something going,they're great

NFL-Its rather telling that a 8 year old game engine is better than something EA puts out each year. Imagine 2k football today?

NHL-2k had the better hockey game up until 2006 actually.Hell, 2k5 was incredible and even 2k8 had so many more features and gameplay mechanics that nhl 13 only JUST added.
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