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Re: Daniel Bryan is the best.

Originally Posted by KO Bossy View Post
I personally don't get how you guys don't want to take a power drill to your ears when Bryan starts screeching YES and NO. Its so unbelievably annoying. How can people identify that as "awesome" or "comedic genius"? There's no substance behind it. Maybe I'll go to wrestling school, get hired and my character can chant "THE". It makes about as much sense as YES/NO, and apparently all you have to do to be considered good on the stick these days is shout something random and stupid. Oh and make jokes comparing yourself to a domesticated farm animal. Maybe I'll call myself a rooster and make a bunch of cock jokes.

On second thought, there are people who would say Dane Cook is funny (4 words that should under no circumstances be in succession), so I guess some find the promo equivalent of dangling your shiny keys in front of a toddler 'entertaining'.
You can take everything in wrestling and belittle it into meaninglessness. Its not just a word, its that Daniel Bryan is f'n insane. He has an emotional disorder. That's funny. Also, humor is supposed to be ironic and absurd, and the fact that he's constantly expressing himself in this ridiculous manner is absurd. Ppl laugh at it. I laugh at it, just like I laugh at Dane Cook. Bryan is this generation's Kurt Angle, minus the great look and the credibility of an Olympic gold medal. He gets away with humor because almost everyone in the audience knows he's the best in-ring performer on the roster, and the majority of the ones who don't are kids who are in love with Bryan for being a small nice guy with simple absurd humor (and fast action).

How about WHAT? Can you smell what the Rock is cooking? It doesn't matter! Gimme a hell yeah! And that's the bottom line, because someone else who spoke in the third person said so. You can't see me (lol coming to think of it that's the most meaningful one). Saying "You're welcome" at the end of promos. Take away all these ridiculous phrases, and Rock and Austin are seriously reduced from what they were. Saying "NO!" because you're angry about your standing, or angry at your opponent, or angry at the audience for taking a catchphrase that belongs to you, isn't that bad. Hopefully he's not JUST doing this a yr from now, but if he's doing other stuff and saying "yes" or "no" it'll be fine. Its just comic relief.

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