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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Taking a break from HIAC for a few days, and trying to get out some feedback. I've done cp, so that means that you are next Chuck

Smackdown Feedback

Ooh that is a nice banner. Starting the show off with Cena is the absolute right thing to do in my eyes, so I'm glad you went for him here... But, I think that you shouldn't have bothered with any of the usual, sucking up crap. He shouldn't have been at all happy here; he got embarrassed last week and had the living shit kicked out of him, yet he is still out here pandering to the crowd? That bit didn't make much sense to me. Although I was much happier when he started to get serious and down to business. This transitions right into corny Cena, which I can deal with here. Even though there were a couple of parts of this promo so far that I haven't been completely sold on, in terms of characterisation, this has been perfect. Like Jam though, I would maybe like you to throw in a different side of Cena in, as this is basically the same Cena character that everyone starts off with and has to mould into their own creation. In terms of development, hopefully Hardy as champion and the impact he is having can do a lot for Cena in terms of development. I like that he references the whole 'conspiracy' angle that you have as a running theme on Smackdown, as his name has been thrown in there before. Then it was beauitfully brought back to the World Title, which I did like.

Kane coming out was a surprise to me actually, but the more I think about it, it does make sense as he has been on fire (pardon the pun) in your thread so far, so to not consider him for the World Heavyweight Title would be criminal. This is really interesting how he had to keep correcting himself, like there is someone else actually inside of him that he is trying to forget is there; a great little bit of intrigue you've created there. It was short and to the point, just recapping what he has done since being on Smackdown, but I would have liked just to hear a little bit more from Kane. Typical Cena coming in with that classic line is alright, glad you admitted that he can be predictable with the 'but y’know me' part. This just strikes me again that one of the things I think you could focus on is giving Cena just a little more development, like you have with guys like R-Truth and Kane; just to make him stand out a little more. Long comes out, and those two matches he announced will be nice; although I would have put money on a Tag Team Match Overall, a good start to the show, bar the first bit of Cena's part Sorry, just realised how much I just wrote

I liked this little exchange between Truth and Kofi, good to see that they are on the same page for now; for how long this is the case is anyone's guess. Have I missed something? Are Benjamin and Knox an alliance of some sort now? I understand why Benjamin would just stand there and watch Knox destroy Kingston, but I thought that Knox would have been acting for his own gain, to try and get a shot for himself. All that confused me was that Knox stands there and allows Benjamin to say that he will be the next champion and not have something to say himself, unless they are in this together. Though the segment as a whole creates a situation for the US Title match later on, which is good.

More rumblings in the ranks now with Kendrick dropping Teddy's name in there again. I am a little confused as to why Kendrick isn't included in the tournament as he is one of your best possible Cruiserweights, but at least Helms is in there. Glad to see Kendrick being in control for the majority of the match up, also pleased that Helms is able to get some offence in there. The fact that the match ended how it did raises hope that we might get a rematch on perhaps a bigger stage? I'd be all up for Helms finding himself a partner (not Rosey) and going after the tag titles, so we can see these two again, as I imagine it would be quite a match up. Though the dirty win is the right result because you can't have Helms lose clean before the Tournament, where I hope he will advance at least beyond the first round and Kendrick didn't need to lose. I'm still confused as to where Jackson was the entire time though. Nice opener and hopefully there is a rematch down the line.

Hmmm... so there is some kind of partnership between Benji and Knox... I'm not sure why this has came about, so if you could clear that up for me at some point it would be much appreciated. I think the way the match panned out totally rendered the attack earlier pointless, as it appears Kofi is fine. I know it was only being rammed into a wall but I think you could have made a little more of it and had Kingston at least thrown off of his game a little bit, and actually sell the backstage attack, leading to the eventual comeback after some prolonged Shelton periods of dominance for the majority of the match. Glad to see Benjamin using the amateur wrestling stuff to his advantage against Kofi's style. Kofi keeping the title is the right move heading forwards, but I just feel like you've killed the Benjamin/Knox partnership before it has picked up any real momentum. You just made it seem like whenever Knox got involved it didn't even matter as Kofi got right back into it, as well as the continuity thing from before. They were able to get some face back after the match with the attack on Kofi again, and Truth making the save was predictable, but it was needed. I had a sneaky suspicion that this was going to happen, and I am happy it did. It seems that Truth is targeting Kofi to get to Long, and also making a point for another chance at the title. Good stuff here and a great way to start the Truth heel turn. A hit and miss segment for me, this one; whilst it was a well written match, I wasn't a fan of Kofi's no-selling and nullification of Knox, but the post match was all enjoyable

I enjoyed the Hardy interview; it seemed that he was just looking for a reason to go off on Teddy Long, which I found a little funny I'm just saying mate, I really think you've underplayed this attack by Hardy from last week; it was pretty brutal if you ask me, and the way that Striker was talking about it just made it seem like it was nothing. Though, I did enjoy this from Hardy, and he was up for Best Character for a reason

I get what Jam was saying about that you could have had Lashley win this match to be ironic, but I wasn't sure on it at all to be honest. I get that Lashley should be up there for contention, but I'd have rather seen him just put in a good match and almost beat Hardy... then for Hardy to hit him with the title and win the match. Because after Hardy looked like a BEAST after last week, you've killed a fair amount of that in one go. Plus, seeing Hardy take the low road again would be good, and I'd rather see an angry Lashley going after Hardy than a smug Lashley, with a guy like Lashley, anger is much easier to believe and convey than smugness. I'd have rather seen something like this happen to Kendrick against Helms earlier, but Hardy is the top dog on the show, and he's been beat by a guy who has been back for a few weeks and has only beaten Kozlov in essence. I'm sure you have your reasons for it but I don't think Hardy should have lost here.

FUCKING JERICHO. Just off the fact that he attacked Jeff Hardy last week I am a fan of your Jericho; and then we get to the part where I am a fan because he is Chris Jericho. This was really deep and emotive stuff he was saying... you'd rarely see someone call another human being a cancer unless they HATED them, which I think you have got across brilliantly here. JR was right, Jericho might have been going too far, but I loved it! This really did feel like a shoot promo at times, and I can imagine watching this on TV and just being hooked on every word that Jericho was saying and I didn't want it to end This is a feud that has came out of almost nothing and I am digging it already. I couldn't care for what Jeff has to say because I hate him Although I personally didn't like Jeff getting the upper hand tonight, it was the logical booking decision after Jericho got him last week and just after everything that Jericho was saying. I think this has been the part of the show that I've enjoyed the most so far, so great job. Can't fault you on anything

Nice win for Kaval in the tournament; would have preferred to see this match where the Kendrick match was, but no complaints from me here

Oh, forget what I said about Helms advancing, I want Ziggler to win this thing.

I wasn't sure about the next match being a tournament match as well, it just feels that with the match before it and then the Ziggler interview after it; that you have just squashed all of it together. I would have thrown my laptop out of the window if Jesse won this match... wait, JESSE IS IN THE TOURNAMENT BUT KENDRICK ISN'T?! It is like there's a conspiracy or something!? :

I'll go out there and say the truth; this Christian interview is probably the best promo work I've seen from you I was hooked onto it throughout, and Christian can be quite difficult to capture at times, but you have done a grand job here with him. You've made a huge deal about his injuries and rightfully so. I like that you mentioned the way that it has affected his personal life, like going out with his wife; small bits like that give it an extra touch which I like in promos like this where the focus is on one wrestler. I think that you went as far as to have him admit he was wrong; something that I couldn't picture many wrestlers in character actually doing, was very good as well. You're doing a good job of making Christian seem more like one of the Peeps himself, by applying normal everyday feelings onto his character, and I think that when he does come back he will be HUGE, and it will be down to this promo, and hopefully some similar ones upon his return. As I have already said, this was brilliant and I have noticed that the promos in this show have been stepped up from before - DAT CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT~!

Main Event time, and I think that this match went the way everyone expected it to go. Cena winning was the logical choice, and I think he has to be the sole challenger for the title at The Bash, but after what happened earlier I can see Lashley being added where I think he isn't needed. Cena should be getting the shot by himself as he needs to get some form of revenge. Also, Kane is of course going to be busy with Edge. I would have liked to have seen Kane take a little more control during the match ahead of his eventual downfall, as to limit the momentum loss after this hot streak (once again, no pun intended) I was surprised we didn't hear from Edge at all during the show but he more than made his mark on it. Nice end to the show, but I would have just liked to have seen more fanfare being made about Cena being the #1 Contender.

Overall, this was a solid show with some sterling promos in there (Opening Cena, Jericho/Hardy and the Christian Interview), just some continuity errors (US Title Match & Main Event) and I still think Lashley beating Hardy was the wrong choice, the champion needs a big week next week. Sorry if I've seemed overly critical in some places, I'm tired and this took me a lot longer than I thought it would haha. But the main thing to take from this is that you are improving leaps and bounds as a writer and for that you can be proud Nice job babes, Raw soon plz, and congrats on 100 replies <3
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