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Default Re: Official Royal Rumble Match Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Starbuck View Post
Yeah, I'm not going to tell myself Trips or Taker or Lesnar are returning and then end up disappointed when they don't. I learned my lesson in 2011 with the Rumble. Totally convinced myself that HHH was going to return and threw a complete bitch fit when he didn't. That's the last time I do that. I look forward to a big name return but I won't be devastated if we don't get it. I'd love to see The Shield in there for sure. I'm also interested in the interplay between Cena, Orton, Seamus, Ryback, Bryan, Kane, Sandow, Rhodes etc. Lots of people in there that I have an interest in or at the very least think they can provide some cool moments. So yeah, I'm feeling somewhat optimistic this time around.

BORK winning though? Fuck. Talk about marking out lol.
Indeed here is what i expect

1.Ziggler being in there for 50+ mins (being in the last 4)
2.Ryback Eliminating 8 people
3.Orton/Sheamus eliminating eachother or something to set up a feud
4.Cena Eliminating Ziggler
5.A Few returns EG billy gunn,Road Dog,Henry,Swagger ect
6.Shield Dominating The Rumble but Ryback,Sheamus,Miz eliminating them
7. Kane Beating Shawns Record then DB Eliminating him and chanting yes yes yes then gets himself eliminated then shouting NO NO NO
8.Cena Winning

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