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Lightbulb Re: WWE Exploits Martin Luther King Day

Originally Posted by sXe_Maverick View Post
I'm disappointed that this rant wasn't created by Ghetto Anthony. He's actually not done his annual MLK rant this year

Warren still a twat I see.
Warren still a twat? ok. Whatever.

If you don't like it, call it a twat or whatever stupid monosyllable you like. I've wasted enough time doing this for this week. Please give me lots of red reps and lay on the monosyllables.

I'm Mr Bad Example
Intruder in the dirt
I live to have good time
And I don't care who gets hurt.

I don't even have a vote in the US, but I contributed to Obama-Biden 2012 and campaigned online and over the phone. In the 80s I admired Ronald Reagan and I still do. He was the right man for that time, just like Obama is the one for this time. I start a thread condemning WWE for exploiting Martin Luther King Day and a bunch of you condemn me for that? When I was 13 I read The Autobiography of Malcolm X, when I was 14 I read Eldridge Cleaver's Soul on Ice and I just finished David Reminick's The Bridge, The Life and Rise of Barack Obama. There's more to life than pro wrestling. And that's what's causing all this! WOOOO!

So this is the WWF. Where Hulk Hogan claims to be the WWF champion and Roddy Piper claims to be the baddest apple on the the street. Well boys, meet the REAL WORLD CHAMPION! That's right. It's RIC FLAIR!

While you were in Hollywood making movies, Thunderlips, I was winning world titles. I bled and I sweat and I paid the price to call myself the REAL WORLD CHAMPION. Big Man! I'm calling you out and I'm telling you this: Until you beat Ric Flair, you're just second fiddle. Woooo!

You see that little girl in the front row with those eyes so big and those lips so moist? She's thinking to herself right now as something's going through her, "Oh my God! NATURE BOY! WHAT'S CAUSING ALL THIS!"

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