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Re: Rap

Originally Posted by ShadyV1
Let me try this... Let me explain what a lot of members do when a Rap thread is made.

Lets say a rock thread is made. I go into it and claim I hate Rock music and put bands like The Ramones in the same category of rock as Linkin Park. A lot of rock fans will call me stupid and tell me how much different they are. Right? I know theres many different styles of rock, so thats why I dont go into these threads just to say sh*t. Like SIG does.

Well same for Hip Hop. A lot of you categorize rappers such as Nelly and lil jon in the same genre as NaS and Rakim. Theres Hip Hop, and then theres Hip Pop. Hip Pop is the commercial bullsh*t you hear and see on MTV a lot. Rappers who don't say much in there songs, but have good beats. Then theres Hip Hop, rappers who have something to say, and dont bother with making 'club hits' and rather reach out to there fans. So go right ahead you can hate Rap music, it really is your loss. Its just getting old, cause nobody has a good reason why rap sucks.

NaS - Rakim - Run DMC - 2Pac - Jay-Z - Eminem - Talib Kweli - KRS-One etc is Hip Hop.

Lil Jon - Nelly - Lately 50 Cent - Fat Joe etc is Hip Pop.
Thats what I am talking about. Most new school Rap/Hip Hop is not too good. But back in the day Rap was awesome. I mean you had some of the groups/artists ShadyV1 mentioned and more like Nas, Eric B. and Rakim, Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, Run-DMC, Bone Thugs N Harmony were actually really good. Now I am also a rock fan and I have no problem with Rap at all, knowing that I have a T.I avatar. However Rap today is getting worse but I am not going to knock anyone for their taste in music, because you can listen to whatever the hell you want. I am a fan of bands like Nirvana, Metallica, Rage Against The Machine, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, etc. So I don't only like Rap. I would pick Rock anyday over Rap but I still love Rap/Hip Hop just not as much as I used to, it kind of lost some of it's meaning.

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