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Re: Jeff Hardy UK Tour Situation (Spoilers inside)

Originally Posted by Scavo View Post
There is a legit, and almost perfect reason for Daniels to win the title.
Spontaneously you say? Please pal, stop for a moment, and think about what you wrote.
no your way wrong, he doesn't deserve to win the title now, it would mean very little the guy isn't even an established main-eventer yet he hasn't had credible feuds in order to rise to the main event position yet except for aj styles, i know he beat storm a few weeks ago but that was last minute booking, but last year he did job to people a lot in the bfg series and tag team division, so if he won the title now it would really be undeserving to be honest.

just because his entertaining and a good wrestler he should get the title? he is definitely a good wrestler and entertaining but he doesn't deserve the world title yet. I hope he gets in one day but not now it would mean very little, because his had no build into the main event scene, his gotta have a few more feuds where he comes out on top with guys like kurt angle, samoa joe etc before he gets the world title.

History shows that people who are pushed into the world title without really deserving it and are not yet established main event stars often seem to fall right down to the mid-card after they lose the title, and i definitely wouldn't want that to happen to daniels, just look at wwe guys such as sheammus, del rio, and jack swagger were pushed into the winning the world title without really deserving it and with not proper main event build, and look what happen after they lost the world title the first time, they fell back down to the mid-card. I know del rio and sheamus are back in the main event again but there were a few years when sheamus was irrelevant after he lost the wwe title in his first world title reign.

So yeah daniels needs a proper build into the title, and winning it now and having a month reign would mean little in my opinion.
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