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Originally Posted by sXe_Maverick View Post
You're terrible at everything that you attempt.

There is a difference between tunneling and acting upon reads. It's about time those void of intellect in this section began to discover the difference. You think it's tunneling? Way to derail a light hearted accusation. I could not care less about your times playing the game, if you show scummy traits, I'll call you out on them. In time, you'll get better to mask those easily read traits.

Others have referred to you as Jill. So what, you're going to rag on about me referring to you by your actual name? Get a grip love, or go buy another box of chocolates.

go look at your posts. Tyical passive Titania trying to appear town, yet giving off a strong scummy vibe. Your speculation and theorizing is not necessary, so stop with the vein attempt at earning town points. So scummy.

It's still predictable and easily read.

Stop sooking about a lack of theme knowledge.

Paris are also in the CL

I'm maintaining my vote on Titania.
I must have lost count there is just so many you support . I thought i had one missing. Also lol at the you get so mad at what was clearly a joke though it did confirm you as town for me so thanks .

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