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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Right sir, I know I've not been the best for feedback, and I only seem to be catching your Raws recently for some reason or another, I'll try my best to get the next Smackdown haha. Gongrats on your awards by the way buddy; extremely well deserved

Raw Feedback

Starting the show off like this with Bischoff in his office is different, and I am a fan of this kinda thing happening every so often but I'm sure it would lose it's novelty if it happened every week. It goes an extra step just to show how up himself Bischoff is as well; thinking that he doesn't even have to come down to the ring, but this could have easily happened in the ring. I think with the HBK/Bischoff feud, it was easy to forget that the World Title should by the most important thing on the show; which is why I'm glad he decided to talk about that first as opposed to his own personal stuff. Although speaking about Michaels afterwards is a nice segway into the next segment. The Kane/Batista announcement was the right one. You've made this rivalry so personal and deep-seeded with all of the heavy spots between the two; a Steel Cage or Hell in a Cell were the only two options. (I think I might have been subtly drawing inspiration from you and not even realising )

Michaels showing a serious side is always good, and I feel sorry for those guys in the ring. MAVEN~! DEM EYEBROWS~! Seeing these guys on Raw is a refreshing change; always need dem jobbaz. I did enjoy just how easily Shawn mowed through them all would have made great TV, just I don't think Calum would have been too happy with the outcome. The beatdown from The Entity isn't as bad as we have seen it before, which is good in a way, but I think the intensity levels could do with stepping up every week. Hassan basically saying 'I could finish you off now, but I'm going to make you wait' does a lot for his character and the storyline in whole. It gives us the feeling that Hassan and The Entity could really finish off HBK whenever they want, but are just waiting for the big PPV cheque.

I enjoyed this from the Dudleyz, both men were captured well and it just adds another little layer to this whole thing with PTP. They come out looking very strong here just because they don't care who they face and they know that they will win. You need your champions looking strong in the face of adversity so good job here Doane and Nemeth scared? Na, they can back it up

Bashams increasing popularity Good match here, I can tell that you are getting very familiar with how all of these guys operate in the ring purely because of how long this tag team feud has been going on; and it is showing off, because the tag team division matches are usually one of the best ones in each show. (As annoying as TV can be to write ) But you've been doing a good job with 'em. Dudleyz helping the Bashams here confused me at first, as they have kind of now given them a free step closer to a title shot, just because they wanted to cost PTP. But then I quickly remembered back in the interview just before where they said that they aren't bothered if it is both teams they face at Unforgiven, so that sat fine with me. Plenty of other ways to look at it, but that's how I saw it.

I'm actually glad Kane interrupted this, because I think it would be a nice change not to have a Batista interview Not that there is anything wrong with the way you write them, it is just that because he isn't the best on the mic and you have to have your champion talk at least once on every show, and because Batista isn't really able to go out there and cut a massive promo every week, he's often found on interviews. PLUS, I think the brawl here does emphasise that they do NEED to settle this in a Cage, because a normal arena can't contain them. I don't know if that is what you are going for, but it is what I'm going for with Sheamus/Henry, and the more I think about it these two feuds have a couple more parallels than I thought, great minds, ey?

Was good to see Lita back, and the routine win against Molly was good; would rather have seen her take on another Diva jobber (I used to like Molly Holly) but the fact that she won is the important thing here. The promo afterwards was needed I feel, as she didn't get a chance to talk last week. You seemed to capture her well, and it flowed really good. Glad to see this emphasis on the women and I hope it continues. Good segment to just let everyone know Lita's intentions.


Some really interesting stuff here; the first thing I noticed was just how awkward the atmosphere between them seemed, you really got that across with the descriptions in between the speaking. And BAM just when it seems that all is (kinda) well between them, that bombshell drops about tonight. Nice little segment here and it does its job in not only furthering wherever you're going with these two, as well as creating some more intrigue about the main event, as to what exactly Haas' actions are going to be.

Dude, I'm sorry... but please... break Christian away from Tomko. For me, it just seems that he is his own man now, capable of doing enough without needing Tomko, who hasn't added anything to this current feud OR the Flair feud, so I just think that he should join the four men from earlier in Jobberville. But anyway, after all the talking last week, it is good to see a match involving these men, and Christian and Jericho is the right combination to go as; we've seen Edge/Jericho on PPV a few times before now AND I know you won't give Edge vs Christian away on free TV. Edge coming in and hitting Christian (albeit by accident) is interesting and sends this whole thing in another direction, as this is good grounds for all three parties to now be against each other, which makes the whole angle that more interesting. Good stuff here, I just hope we get some backlash from this action later on tonight, otherwise we're leaving with more questions than we came in with.

I'm sorry but when Maria does that I every time. Much like Lita earlier, it is good that we had this tonight after what happened last week, just so we are sure of what the reasoning behind the attacks were (we all knew anyway but still ) Regal also buttering Benjamin up is a nice touch, and I am PRAYING that Regal starts to tamper with TWGTT and makes the rift even bigger. Regal is the perfect character to cause more trouble, and with you on the strings I'm sure its gonna be good.

Ah so Bischoff doesn't forgive and forget and Batista is fucked next week. Just another reason to hate this dick. But bloody hell we have our show-stealer for Unforgiven now. I thought from the start it would end up like this and the winner will get a title shot. Edge/Jericho and Batista/Kane have been going long enough so seeing something fresh for all parties will be cool.

GOLDUST~! Remember what you said. :

I think this Kennedy interview could have perhaps came earlier just because we just had a match announced by Bischoff, so having another match for Unforgiven announced here just makes it seem a litte crammed. You nailed Kennedy though, he was class. I just feel that I would have liked to have seen something a little more from Kennedy after his HUGE week last week, but with him not wanting bad competition and all I can buy it. Oh, and we better see The Rock answer that challenge.

Coach Like the other guys I think that maybe it might have been better to have not started this one and let them kick the shit out of each other. It just seems a little weird that Batista and Kane would just stop fighting and stand on the apron. Glad to see the brawl coming back though and even stronger than before. Haas coming when he did was good, and I'm sure he'll work that in his favour to get one on Benji when he gets the chance; 'but I saved you! That's what partners do!' or something of that kind. Reinforcing that the cage is needed with another heavy spot for these two with the announce table is a good way to end the show...

... but it was not the end of the show. This. Was. Beautiful. I loved this with Michaels, it isn't often we see a face HBK speak like this but it was brilliant. Michaels needs to be like this if he is going to overcome the odds at Unforgiven. But wow, massive statement from Michaels and I think that The Entity need to have a HUGE week next week in order to recover from this so I am expecting the mother of all beat downs or something like that; this has been taken to a whole new level now. I can also draw the parallels between this and the way that Bischoff opened up the show, which is good when you have these two guys hating each other so much. A great way to cap off the show

Overall, a really good one here matey, a couple of gripes but nothing too major. Unforgiven looks like an amazing card, and you are properly showcasing your Raw roster here, so I just hope that you can do the same with Smackdown. All of the promos in this show were top notch, and everything was advanced nicely as we head towards the PPV. You proved why you won all of those awards, and carry on this way and you'll be a contender for Best Booker next time round Can't wait for SD; Weird out.
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