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Default Re: Obama plan: Ban assault weapons

Originally Posted by Glass Shatters View Post
Agreed. But you are adding more variables as you go along to your original statement. You are seriously laughable.
My original comment wasn't directed to all gun owners and I stated that rather quickly once I realized I had made a rather broad generalization. My statement was that guns are for pussies. And they are. Pussies scared of physical confrontation. That's like me saying steroids are for pussies. Which I also believe. However, there are instances where steroids can be used for medical good. Just like guns can be used with good intention.

Like I said, I am not anti-gun. But I can see things for what they are when it comes to the gun mentality. Not everyone wants a world where the biggest gun rules. Where those with guns have and those who don't don't. And despite all of your SECURITY and PROTECTION dreams? That's the real reason guns were invented. For the kingdom to reign supreme. Our people safe, other people die. That's the world of the gun. There is no safety or protection when it comes to that. It's just a sad non-stop continuous downward spiral of hate, destruction and despair. Where you kill my brother, I kill your mom. You kill my dad and sister, I blow up your house. However, if I'm a hypocrite for one day having to defend my family? I will wear that label proud.
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