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Re: Champions League Mafia - Game Thread

Originally Posted by Mclovin it View Post
LOL I was pissing about a few posts so I must be scum??? Nice logic scrilla. Also one of my posts had a point behind it even it was joke . Also Vote: LC for duping me last game you meanie
You're quivering in fear.

Originally Posted by McQueen View Post
Its not my fault she was bulletproof!

Okay seriously though that has nothing to do with this game so whatever. Unvote
Slow work day?

Originally Posted by TaylorFitz View Post
You know what. unvote Vote oompaloompaTaz

Let's be realistic here. He's not going to post in this game. If he has a good role Night will last forever because of him and he'll get replaced without even using it. Maybe he's scum. Let's just take a shot since this thread has been worthless right now. Also I think it would be good to force some of the newer players to claim early. In the last game Obby made a terrible fake claim and if he hadn't been bussed he might have gotten away with it.

Basically we have nothing to lose by just go after a new player and getting any type of discussion going is probably a good idea.
So bad

Originally Posted by Titania View Post
How so?

I was willing to let you live last game, chr1st0.

Vote Nov
Originally Posted by Titania View Post
Where? The last time we went back and forth we were scum together. Are you admitting to be scum again Nov?
Originally Posted by Titania View Post
Actually, TKOK, why reveal this part of your role? I think it would have been better not to say anything. Scum might try to kill the night lynchers to protect themselves at night.
Originally Posted by Titania View Post
Why Pez? I'm town.

Yeah, that's my assumption as well.

Maybe we should try to locate two scum each day phase so we can lynch one and then the other the night lynchers can lynch. It be good if we helped to organize them since we want them to remain anonymous and not have to lynch someone blindly who hasn't claimed.
Way too easy Jill.

Vote: Titania

The nonchalant, passive posts to try and appear active and committed to the town cause just doesn't matchup with your pro-town play. Also, the speculation and theorising is a tell for you as well.

Initial list: Titania, Fitz, McLovin, CamillePunk, IMPULSE
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