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Re: Obama plan: Ban assault weapons

Originally Posted by Joel Anthony View Post
The whole point of a gun is to take lives, not save them. It was created out of a state of paranoia and fear.
Exactly. So why do you own one if guns are for pussies again? Are you a pussy? Are you scared? Do you live in a state of paranoia and fear?

Certified. Fucking. Retard.

And I own a gun for my protection just like the next decent person. Never needed it. Clean it and that's it, hopefully, that's it.
You live in a state of paranoia and fear, yet chide others for supposedly doing so, although a lot of them have it for the same reasons you supposedly do.

Unlike a lot of other gun owners I know, I don't think I'm a big man and I know I'm not in control of anything but myself.
You're just not making any sense now.

And that's why I'm not anti-gun. I'm pro-gun. It's the pussies with guns though.... The ones who pull them out anytime they get in to an argument, or someone cuts them off in traffic. Pussies.
Agreed. But you are adding more variables as you go along to your original statement. You are seriously laughable.

Have you ever witnessed gun violence first hand? Known anyone slain by a gun? I have. So before you type your next sentiment, just know you're not talking to some "fucking retard" you're talking to someone with a little bit of experience in the realm of reality and real life.
No, I'm talking via text on the Internet to a certified fucking retard who knows shit about shit.

You're a troll, I get it. But a shitty one.
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