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Re: Obama plan: Ban assault weapons

Originally Posted by Joel Anthony View Post
Guns provide a false sense of power because they make the gun owner feel that they're in sort of control of any given situation so long as the gun is in their hand. While guns seem to provide security, they don't, because true security would be to not be in that position in the first place. Sometimes we can't control our situations and while we should be prepared against those doing harm, we're never really secure from those people because we're always living in a state of fear that there are people out there who do bad. It doesn't make you a fucking retard to admit this.
Owning a gun and carrying =/= living in a state of fear. What is with you and these retarded scenarios?

And yes I own a gun. I'm sure now you want to compare them and see who can kill who faster and more efficiently?
No, I think you should actually be required to turn your gun in because

1.) You admit to having sick fantasies and an overwhelming sense of power with it in your hand.
2.) You're a fucking retard.

Why do you own a gun? Do you live in a state of fear?
Because I will fucking shoot you, bro. Five times. In the head.
So you think that you're a big man because you own a gun? Do you feel in control? Jackass.

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