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Re: Lupe Fiasco thrown offstage after Anti-Obama rant

Originally Posted by truk83 View Post
So, only if you vote can you criticize your government? People like you are beyond ignorant. That's like saying people without kids can't shouldn't have to pay school tax. It's called freedom of speech. I shouldn't have to vote to have political views, nor should my views be considered less worthy due to my voting status, or non voting status. What if I don't like the choices as to who to vote for? If voting was so important it would be made law, and not a right.

not taking part in politics and bitching about it, is like bitching about being fat but not eating better and working out.

and again people, it's got nothing to do with freedom of speech, he was paid to perform and to entertain the crowd, instead he rapped the same shit over and over for 30 minutes and then threw a hissy fit when organizers told him to move on or get off stage.if it was a freedom of speech issue he would have been using his personal time (not time he's suppose to be on the job, getting paid to perform.) to bitch and moan.
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