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Re: Pinnacle Combat :The Dark Horse Of Revolution

Pinnacle Combat : Apex Road 4
August 1st
Rutland, Vermont

The scene fades in to a video recap of last week.

KENTA then pokes London in the eye and tries to untangle his leg but London is not letting go anytime soon. Paul London then pushes KENTA off of the turnbuckle. KENTA loses his balance and bangs his head on the canvas. London goes to the top ropes and looks down at KENTA. Then on routine Goto and Yoshi Tatsu are running down the ramp and surrounding the ring. Paul London doesn't care about those two as he called it a “win-win situation” and performs a 450 splash! He goes to pin KENTA but Goto climbs onto the ring apron and intentionally distract the referee. Paul London gets up and turns the referee around and tells him to count the pin. Goto and Tatsu enter the ring. Note, they did not touch Paul London so KENTA is not suspended. Out of nowhere, Matt Hardy takes off his headset and trades punches with Goto and Tatsu. Eventually, the numbers gain is too much and they throw Hardy out of the ring. Then Adam Cole rushes to Matt Hardy's aid. Cole superkicks Tatsu and keeps Yoshi out of the ring. Matt Hardy kicks Goto in the gut and hits a Twist of Fate. Goto gets dropped to the ground as Adam Cole looks at Matt Hardy. They stare at each other and walk up the ramp. KENTA is watching his crew get dismantled. Paul London gets a quick roll up and the referee counts 1...2...3!

KENTA motions his crew to retreat and they do. Matt Hardy and Adam Cole look at the crowd and they cheer on. These two victims shake hands as the scene fades to Dustin Hart who is looking at the match. He walks out of his office but sees a sticky note on his door. He looks at it, crumbles the note and punches the door.
The scene then fades to black then to a capacity crowd here in New Jersey. The camera pans around the arena to visualize the growing fan base of Pinnacle Combat. After a few more moments of this ongoing cycle, the camera cuts to the commentators, Amy Dumas and Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham : Welcome to the fastest rising weekly wrestling television show and the fastest rising US promotion, Pinnacle Combat : Apex Road! I am here with Amy Dumas and we have three phenomenal matches scheduled for tonight. All number one contender matches also. I'm so excited to start off Apex Road 4! How about you Amy?

Amy Dumas : So excited. Too bad Tazz isn't here to enjoy how our show is progressing. We'll get more on that subject as we continue on with the show but anyway, the first match will be Gangrel and Kevin Thorn versus Jimmy and Jey Uso. These guys have been brawling last week along with the Motor City Machine Guns and Goto and Yoshi Tatsu also known as two members of the destructive three-man ground the Shinjiketo.

Todd Grisham : Another huge match coming up is Britani Knight vs Pandora. Britani Knight's passion for the women's championship combined with her taunting and persistence has helped enormously in the heat of this match. In fact, after Zexuis and Miss Gorgeous were left to fight, because Natalya and Alicia Fox walked out and Zexuis was beat down, Britani came out to taunt the fallen Zexuis and this burned inside Pandora. This match will also be for the number one contendership for the women's championship.

Amy Dumas : Not to mention the main event! Jack Swagger and JTG will compete against Jushin Liger and Super Crazy. How this match came about is when Jack Swagger and JTG asked at the wrong time, butting into Dustin Hart's confrontation and begging and pleading for a match. The winners of this match will be in the fatal four way match against Paul London and Matt Hardy for the Pinnacle Championship. Speaking of which, here comes Dustin Hart now to speak about Tazz's disappearance.

The cameras swing towards the ring, Dustin Hart, who was walking down the ramp during the commentators' introduction, is pacing the ring in an angry nature. He's holding a microphone in his hand and a blue sticky note, similar to the note that was seen last week at the end of the day that Hart read and without revealing to the camera, got really vexed with.

Dustin Hart : Last week, I received this.

Hart holds up the sticky note to the camera but the crowd stays silent.

Dustin Hart : I checked the cameras to see who put this nonsense on my door and something interesting popped up. Right when the show started and those two masked men that abducted Tazz last week, the cameras were cut off. Does anyone know what this means?

The crowd stays silent.

Dustin Hart : I promise if those two masked men trespassed and abducted Tazz during the show, they will pay! I checked Apex Road 2 for any evidence. Nothing. Nothing at all. These guys are really playing with fire. I'm checking each and every camera, the parking light cameras, the hallway cameras, even the goddamn bathroom cameras until I find a connection and the part that I can't connect is who these men are. I have no way of contacting them until All Out Assault like they said. These morons are messing with my promotion and messing with my show!

The crowd cheers and chants “PC”.

Dustin Hart : Even if they plopped Tazz back here without a evidence path to trace, I would drop this investigation but whatever they want, I hope they know this isn't the way to ask this. I represent this company and if I let this criminals basically, get what they want. What example am I setting?

The crowd gives a small pop.

Dustin Hart : Now onto this sticky note. I don't know whether those two masked men allowed me to address this to the public but I don't care. The sticky note says that they will bring Tazz to All Out Assault during their negotiation if I...

The crowd wants to know the stipulation.

Dustin Hart : If I, put on a chicken suit and dance in the middle of this ring.

The crowd reacts loud.

Dustin Hart : I don't even have a chicken suit and this has to add on with my basic duties, plus Tazz's duties. This is unbelievable. Due to this unexpected circumstance, I'm going to have to appoint someone to become temporary GM until further notice. Here comes the general manager!

“Bringing Da Hood 2 U”

JTG bursts out from the curtain and dances his way down the ramp. Hart doesn't appreciate the dance and is perplexed to why JTG is dancing down the ramp and entering the ring. As JTG slides into the ring, he asks for a microphone.

Dustin Hart : -and JTG is not the temporary general manager by the way.

JTG : I know, sorry to interrupt-

Dustin Hart : -for the second week in a row.

JTG : Yes sir and I appreciate your patience-

Dustin Hart : -which is running thinner and thinner when you wrestlers interrupt me-

JTG : -which is why I want to get down to the point. Is it really necessary that I have to fight by Swagger's side for the number one contenders match?

The crowd pops at JTG's weasel-like attitude.

JTG : I'm a do-it-now guy. You give me a match and I will beat whoever you want but I can't hold dead weight. I don't want to lose such a big opportunity that most of the guys in the back can only wish for. Swagger isn't necessary on a winning streak but I ain't either...but at least I won against Carlito on the pilot episode. All I'm saying is that we could have two matches tonight. Mine wouldn't take more than a few minutes with Super Crazy or Jushin Liger.

Dustin Hart : I see. Well my answer is : I can't help you. You see, I'm going back to being the chairman. The duties of a general manager is not my problem. It's this guy's!


Jack Swagger bursts through the curtain and he walks down the ramp. He's in a casual outfit and he wastes no time, getting a microphone before walking up the steel steps and entering the ring.

Dustin Hart : Another person who is not general manager! What do you want Swagger?

As Dustin says that in his cheapest, corniest, most sarcastic and fake, enthusiastic voice ever. The crowd laughs a bit to see that Hart has the gist of what Swagger is going to say even before he puts the microphone to his mouth.

Jack Swagger : I can sense the sarcasm in your words sir, but I'm not going to sugarcoat it. I agree with JTG and I would like to have my own separate match. As a chairman, your word is higher than a general manager and even higher than a temporary general manager. The only thing I don't agree with is with JTG saying that he's carrying dead weight. If anything, JTG is the dead weight. I'm the all-American American and people like JTG aren't even worth spitting on!

JTG gets in Swagger's face and they stare each other down. Dustin Hart splits them apart and begins to speak.

Dustin Hart : -and without further ado and hopefully no more interruptions. The temporary general manager for Apex Road!

“I Can Slap A Tornado”

Dustin Hart claps as Matt Hardy appears on the stage with a suit on, smiling self-satisfied towards JTG and Jack Swagger. Dustin Hart steps back as JTG and Jack Swagger look at Matt Hardy, Dustin Hart and each other.

Matt Hardy : And the answer is no. On with the show!

Matt Hardy walks away and Dustin Hart exits the ring. JTG and Jack Swagger eye each other as Sin Cara is at the top of the ramp. The crowd cheers immensely as this fan favorite runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. JTG and Swagger look at Sin Cara, still shocked but Swagger comes to his senses first and exits the ring. JTG isn't to far to snapping back to earth either. Jinder Mahal appears on the stage as Jack Swagger and JTG walk up the match. The crowd cheers as Mahal enters the ring with Sin Cara.

Amy Dumas : Tough words from Dustin Hart but we just heard that Matt Hardy will be the temporary general manager for tonight! How do you feel Grisham?

Todd Grisham : It's surprising to say the least but the first match of the night will be a tag team match. Sin Cara and Jinder Mahal will face BLK Jeez and Dragon Rojo Jr.

Dragon Rojo Jr. and BLK Jeez walk down the ramp together. BLK Jeez shakes Rojo's hand as they both walk up the steel steps. They stare at their opponents and BLK Jeez smirks. Upon entering the match, the referee calls for the bell.

Match #1
Sin Cara and Jinder Mahal vs Dragon Rojo Jr. and BLK Jeez
Tag Team Match

The match starts out with Jinder Mahal and BLK Jeez. Jinder and BLK Jeez circle each other. The crowd is on Jinder Mahal and Sin Cara so they start clapping their hands and stomping their feet to help motivate and give adrenaline to this team early. Jinder Mahal then locks up with BLK Jeez and sends him in the corner. Jinder knees BLK Jeez until the referee breaks them up. Jinder backs up and puts up his fighting stance again. BLK Jeez then scoots from the referee and kicks Jinder in the chest. Jinder staggers back and BLK Jeez connects a DDT out of nowhere. The crowd boos as he taunts then BLK Jeez goes to the corner and hits a massive split-legged moonsault then goes to pin Jinder Mahal. 1...2...Hand on the rope! Jinder is still in this! BLK looks at the referee as to why he stopped counting and starts arguing with the referee, completely ignoring the fact that Jinder Mahal is crawling to Sin Cara to make a tag. If it wasn't for his partner shouting and pointing to Jinder, BLK Jeez wouldn't have given up the argument and notice. BLK Jeez grabs the foot of Jinder Mahal and connects a STF! Jinder Mahal tries to escape early but its locked in and he is in the center of the ring so the ropes cannot help him! Mahal is clearly in pain as he is wincing and pounding the canvas. Jinder Mahal is squirming and crawling to the ropes, punishing his body every second he is locked into this hold. Jinder Mahal gets to the ropes and grabs them with both hands to emphasize that he does not want to be locked in a STF anymore. BLK Jeez lets go promptly and goes to the ropes coming back Jinder Mahal goes for a surprise crossbody but BLK Jeez goes for a crossbody and these two collide. Jinder crawls to Sin Cara. BLK Jeez crawls over to Dragon Rojo Jr. Jinder Mahal tags Cara. BLK Jeez tags in Rojo. These two luchadores jump over the top rope and enter the ring. The crowd cheers as the action picks up. Sin Cara attempts to kick Dragon Rojo Jr. but Rojo backs up and grabs Cara's foot. Cara goes for an enzuigiri but Rojo ducks and pushes his foot away and dropkicks him onto his back. Sin Cara hits the canvas and Rojo goes to the top rope in one leap. He goes for a quick leg drop but Sin Cara rolls away. Dragon Rojo screams in pain and Sin Cara pins Dragon Rojo. 1...2 Kick out. Sin Cara gets up and picks him up. Sin Cara throws Dragon to the ropes and goes for a clothesline out the ring by surprise but Dragon Rojo grabs onto the ropes as Sin Cara falls out the ring. Rojo stands on the apron and hits a diving leg drop onto Sin Cara 1! These two are on the ground. 2! 3! 4! Dragon Rojo picks up Sin Cara and slides him into the ring. Dragon Rojo Jr. tags in BLK Jeez and BLK Jeez goes to the top rope. He stands up and taunts Cara for the crowd's reaction. Sin Cara springs up and jumps to the second rope, quickly climbs to the top rope and connects a moonsault side slam then pins BLK Jeez. 1...2...3!

Winner by Pinfall : Sin Cara and Jinder Mahal

Just as soon as these two are ready to celebrate, Dragon Rojo Jr. hits Sin Cara from the back and throws him out the ring. Jinder Mahal and Dragon Rojo Jr. circle each other as BLK Jeez gets to his feet. Both of these two approach Jinder Mahal but Sin Cara runs up the steel steps and jumps on the ropes and flattens both Dragon Rojo and BLK Jeez with a crossbody! Both of those two roll out of the ring. The crowd cheers as Jinder Mahal and Sin Cara stare at each other. This scene fades over to MCMG training in the back. Goto and Yoshi Tatsu appear behind them and they don't notice.

Yoshi Tatsu : Working out?

Both of the Motor City Machine Guns get up and turn to see their rivals. They stare each other down for a long moment.

Alex Shelley : We're working out. I see your stalking us.

Goto : Cute.

Shelley : Thanks. What are you doing watching us?

Yoshi Tatsu : One of us wants to challenge you tonight. Which one of you wants to man up?

Chris Sabin : Which one of you want to man up?

Goto : I will.

Shelley : I will too then.

Matt Hardy walks past them.

Sabin : Hey, Matt!

Matt Hardy stops walking and turns around.

Matt Hardy : What's up?

Yoshi Tatsu : Goto wants to challenge Alex Shelley tonight.

Hardy : Sure. I got time for both of you to fight tonight.

Goto : Perfect. I'll get to destroy this fool before our six-man tag team match at All Out Assault.

Shelley : What makes you so confident? KENTA's going to have your back?

Goto : Actually, KENTA isn't here tonight.

Sabin : -and how do we know this?

Goto : The only person walking through that curtain with me is Yoshi Tatsu and he won't intefere.

Tatsu : I wouldn't even have to interfere.

Hardy : Well this is settled, stay tuned for your match.

The scene fades from Hardy walking away and the two teams staring at each other to Gangrel and Thorn in the center of the ring. Just then, the atmosphere changes and the crowd cheers. The Usos walk through the curtain. They are chanting “Uso” and the crowd are responding back with pop. The Usos walk up the steel steps and enter the ring. Both Usos go to separate turnbuckles and pose for the crowd. The referee rings the bell and this match is underway.

Match #2
Gangrel and Kevin Thorn vs The Usos
Tag Team Match
Number One Contendership For The Tag Team Championship

As the bell rings and this match is underway, Gangrel and Jimmy Uso start out. Gangel and Jimmy lock up and Gangrel grabs Jimmy Uso by the back of the neck and throws him over the top rope and to the concrete floor. Gangrel then clotheslines Jey Uso and now both of the Usos are grounded. 1! Kevin Thorn enters the ring and looks at Gangrel and they nod. 2! Kevin Thorn exits the ring and grabs Jey Uso then slams his head on the crowd barrier. 3! 4! Jey Uso stumbles over to the steel steps. 5! Kevin Thorn grabs Jey Uso's head and slams his head onto the steel. 6! 7! The Uso hits the floor as Jimmy Uso dropkicks Kevin Thorn's back and Thorn hits the steel steps and is now leaned over the crowd barrier in pain. 8! 9! Jimmy Uso slides back into the ring and Gangrel is ready for him. Gangrel trades punches with Jimmy but it doesn't take long for Gangrel to get the advantage and Jimmy gets cornered. Gangrel goes for a corner splash after backing up a good couple of steps but Jimmy Uso avoids it and he hits a corner splash of his own. Jey gets back to his corner and tags himself in. He literally grabs Gangrel by his attire and flings him the best he can across the ring. He shouts “Tag Kevin. I'll beat his ass!” Gangrel looks at Jey and Kevin tags himself in. Kevin charges at Jey and these two start swinging wildly. The referee breaks it up after a long moment. Jey kicks Kevin Thorn and thrust kicks Kevin Thorn in the gut. He bounces off the ropes but Kevin Thorn tackles Jey Uso to the ground and they go throwing punches again! Kevin Thorn gets one good hit down the middle towards Jey's nose and Jey is bleeding but Jey gets even more angry. The referee separates them and Jey spears Kevin Thorn in the corner and punches Kevin dead in the face. The referee tries to separates them so Jey feigns being calm. Thorn walks out of the corner and Jey hits a superkick! Thorn goes back in the corner and the referee backs Jey up. Kevin Thorn then turns the referee around and argues with him as Gangrel sneaks in and hits an Impaler DDT on Jey Uso by surprise. Jimmy Uso then clotheslines Gangrel out the ring. Kevin Thorn then goes to pin Jey Uso. 1...2...3!

Winner by Pinfall : Gangrel and Kevin Thorn

The tag team doesn't celebrate rather, look at the Usos intensely. The referee's check on Jey Uso. They kick The Usos out of the ring as the cameras swing over to Amy Dumas and Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham : Well there you have it folks! Gangrel and Kevin Thorn are one of the number one contenders for the tag team championship competing at Pinnacle Combat : All Out Assault! I've just got word that Matt Hardy has booked a match for All Out Assault! Melina and BLK Jeez will be facing Zexuis and Jinder Mahal. The winners of these matches will be placed in the women's championship match and the North American championship.

Amy : Also after Gangrel and Kevin Thorn's win, they will face Pac and Ricochet at All Out Assault for the tag team championship!

Todd : Plus, in the women's fatal four way, Alicia Fox will face Miss Gorgeous, the winner between Britani Knight and Pandora and the winner of the tag match at All Out Assault, Melina and BLK Jeez vs Zexuis and Jinder Mahal.

Amy : After that, Joey LeBell will be facing John Morrison for the television championship. I wonder what match these two will be in!

Todd : Not to mention, another well built match. A six-man tag match! The Shinjiketo which consists of KENTA, Goto and Yoshi Tatsu will be facing Paul London and the Motor City Machine Guns, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley.

Amy : Also after that, Sin Cara will be facing Carlito and whoever wins the tag team match between Zexuis and Jinder Mahal versus BLK Jeez and Melina for the North American championship.

Todd : Then, the main event! Paul London will face Matt Hardy and the winners of JTG and Jack Swagger versus Jushin Liger and Super Crazy!

The scene fades from them to Britani Knight stretching for her match later. Alicia Fox is next to her stretching as well. They engage in small talk until they see two reflections in the mirror.

Britani Knight : Pandora.

Alicia Fox : Natalya.

Britani Knight : You have a lot of nerve showing up behind me.

Alicia Fox : Ain't that the truth?

Natalya : What are you going to do coward? Walking out on our match....what are you going to do to me? Slap me and walk out the locker room?

Alicia Fox : What's stopping me?

Pandora : The fact that you cost my best friend her match.

Britani Knight : Oh boo-hoo go cry to Ricochet.

Pandora : Oh shut the hell up!

Alicia Fox : Who's going to make her? You? You used to be quiet and still is. So stay in your circle. Okay? Now goodbye.

Pandora and Natalya look at each other then walk away as the scene fades to Matt Hardy. Brodus Clay and Titus O'Neil are in the ring.

Hardy : Wow, I haven't done one of these before so since I'm in charge I want Amy Dumas here to pick a letter and Todd Grisham to pick a letter.

Amy Dumas : Okay...ummm...M.

Todd Grisham : Seven.

Matt Hardy : Do I have a M7 in the building?

A little kid walks up to the crowd barricade.

Matt Hardy : Is it you?

The little boy nods. Hardy kneels down.

Hardy : Do you know what each of these matches are?

Boy : Yes. I piiiiick, that one. B.

Hardy : You heard it from him himself! A Falls Count Anywhere! Now ring the bell!

Match #3
Brodus Clay vs Titus O'Neil
Falls Count Anywhere

The bell rings and Brodus Clay clothesline Titus O'Neil to the ground. This falls count anywhere is underway! Brodus Clay then picks Titus up and throws him to the ropes. Titus ducks a clothesline and shoulder blocks Brodus Clay but Clay totally stays still. Titus O'Neil runs to the ropes again and dives for another shoulder block and Brodus staggers back. Clay then feigns being seriously hurt. Titus O'Neil then smirks and charges at him. Brodus hits a headbutt and strings on with an elbow drop. Titus rolls out the ring and jumps over the crowd barrier. Brodus Clay follows him and moves the crowd barrier so he can get through. Clay catches up and grabs Titus O'Neil and sends him back in the ring. Titus punches Clay in the face and tries to lift him up. Brodus Clay looks down at him and slaps him then picks up Titus and hits a running powerslam. Brodus Clay then walks backwards before hitting a running splash! Clay pins O'Neil. 1...2...3!

Winner by Pinfall : Brodus Clay

Brodus Clay rolls out the ring and stares at the little kid. He smiles and fist bumps the little boy. Brodus lifts the kid over and celebrates with him. Brodus lets the kid enter the ring. The kid stomps on Titus O'Neil and does a running splash on him. The crowd gives a noticeable reaction to that. Brodus then kicks him out the ring as the scene fades to a video hyping All Out Assault.

aul London is seen staring at KENTA.

Common Target.

MCMG stare at each other.

Common Threat. Equals.

The scene cuts to black.


A scene of Hardy doing the Twist of Fate onto the steel steps.

A scene of Super Crazy doing a moonsault off the ladder.

A scene of Adam Cole superkicking John Morrison.

Matt Hardy : This

Jack Swagger : This

Goto : This

JTG : This is

All Out Assault!
August 31st!
The scene fades to Miss Gorgeous. She's walking backstage and Joey LeBell walks out a door and sees her. He catches up with her.

Joey LeBell : Hey. Hey, what's the hurry?

The women doesn't pay attention to him at first.

Joey LeBell : I'm Joey LeBell.

Miss Gorgeous : Joey LeBell? Oh yeah! You are my idol.

Joey LeBell : I know. I know.

He smiles smug.

Miss Gorgeous : Can you do me one favor?

She leans closer to him.

Joey LeBell : What's that gorgeous?

Miss Gorgeous : [in a seductive tone] I want you to [in a aggressive tone] get the hell out of my face before consequences happen!

Miss Gorgeous storms away.

Joey LeBell : You average-looking bitch! Come back here! I'm Joey LeBell.

She stops in her tracks and turns around.

Miss Gorgeous : [while walking] Excuse me?!

Joey LeBell : Do you know who I am?

Miss Gorgeous : Do you know who is behind you?

Just as the camera pans away, Chris Rayne, Miss Gorgeous's brother, grabs him by the throat and slams him by the wall.

Chris Rayne : Next week. You. Me. I'm going to kick your ass.

Joey LeBell falls to the floor after being released from the grip. Chris Rayne walks away with Miss Gorgeous as the scene fades to Pandora in the ring with Zexuis. Britani Knight bursts through the curtain with Alicia Fox, they walk down the ramp. As they enter the ring, Zexuis stands in front of Pandora staring at them both before Pandora gently pushes her to the side. They stare each other down before Zexuis nods and exits the ring. Alicia Fox smirks and exits the ring. The referee rings the bell.

Match #4
Britani Knight vs Pandora
Singles Match
Number One Contendership For The Women's Championship

Pandora's shy nature is now turned into an aggressive stance. Pandora dropkicks Britani Knight into the ropes then ties her hands into the ropes. Pandora then stands back and hits a running spinning wheel kick to the restrained Britani Knight. The referee separates Pandora from Britani Knight then untangles Britani Knight from the ropes. Both Pandora and Britani Knight stare each other down. They approach each other talking. Britani Knight and Pandora run to the opposite ropes and hits a clothesline. They both go down but they both get back up at the same time. Pandora gets the advantage with a kick to the gut then a suplex. Pandora then goes to the apron then to the top rope. She looks over at Zexuis then dives off the top rope with a elbow drop. Pandora then pins Britani Knight. 1...2... No! Kick out! Britani Knight gets up and uppercuts Pandora. She Irish whips Pandora to the ropes then goes for a headbutt but Pandora tries to lock in her finisher which is a fireman's carry 180 stunner off the second rope. She gets to the first rope...then the second rope! Britani Knight squirms out and hits a DDT off the top rope! Britani Knight pins Pandora! 1...2...3!

Winner by Pinfall : Britani Knight

Just as soon as she wins, Zexuis slides into the ring and pulls Pandora out. They laugh and mock Pandora by holding their sides as if they were in pain. The scene then fades over to Dustin Hart walking with what looks like a chicken suit in one hand and a head of a chicken prop in the other. The camera follows him until they reach the interview area, this is when the camera focuses on the head interviewer Susan Brooke.

Brooke : Hello! Hello! Hello Pinnacle Combat. I am your head interviewer Susan Brooke! I'm here to interview one team in the main event, Jushin Liger and Super Crazy. Final thoughts gentlemen?

Jushin Liger nods no but Super Crazy grabs the microphone.

Super Crazy : Swagger! JTG! I'm super! I'm crazy. I'm not only Super Crazy but I am super ready for this match and I will win the number one contendership for the match at All Out Assault. Best believe, the inaugural champion of this business will represent Mexico! Viva la Mexico!

These two walk away as the scene fades back to the ring. Goto and Yoshi Tatsu are in the ring. Just then the crowd cheers loudly as the Motor City Machine Gun's theme music blast. Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin burst out of the curtain and this match which was arranged earlier, is going to commence. The referee calls for the bell as Sabin and Yoshi Tatsu go to their respective partner's corners.

Match #5
Goto vs Alex Shelley
Single Match
Non-Title Match

Goto and Shelley look at their partner then look at each other. Goto stretches the ropes as Shelley approaches Goto slowly. Goto and Alex Shelley lock up. Goto pushes Shelley to the corner but Shelley pushes back. Eventually, Alex pushes Goto to his back but Goto recovers quick and feigns to lock up but actually Goto knees Alex Shelley in the gut and Shelley doubles over. Goto then kicks Shelley's leg and Alex goes down. Goto then wraps Shelley's leg around the ropes and wrenches it. Shelley winces in extreme pain. The referee separates Goto from Alex Shelley. Shelley rolls onto the apron and gets up slow. Limping, Goto goes back to work. Goto goes to clothesline Alex Shelley off the apron but Shelley shoulder bumps Goto and Goto stumbles back. Alex Shelley goes to the top rope and dives off for a hurricanrana. Goto flies across the mat and Shelley pins Goto. 1...2...Kick out. Shelley then picks him up. Shelley Irish whips Goto to the turnbuckle but Goto reverses. Shelley is in the corner and Goto punches Shelley in the gut. Goto raises Shelley to the top rope and goes to the second rope himself. Goto continues and weakens Shelley with punches and elbows. Goto locks in a superplex and connects it! Both of these men are laid out!M Goto gets an arm over Goto. 1...2...Kick out! Tatsu and Goto are more surprised then anyone in the arena. Alex Shelley gets to a vertical base and leans on the ropes. Goto gets up and attempts to clothesline Alex Shelley out of the ring but Shelley ducks and Goto goes over the ropes but Goto manages to stay on the ropes. Alex Shelley then goes to super kick Goto but he drops to the floor immediately, dodging a bullet but Shelley then jumps over the top rope for a plancha. Shelley and Goto collide and Goto gets the bad end of this risky move. Alex Shelley gets up and screams in adrenaline. 1! He then fist bumps with Chris Sabin as Yoshi Tatsu moves over to Goto. 2! 3! 4! Alex Shelley goes back in the ring as Tatsu helps Goto up to his feet and Goto slides back in the ring but Shelley stomps on Goto. Goto rolls out of the ring and then walks up the steel steps. Alex Shelley goes up to him but Goto pokes Shelley's eye. Goto then jumps onto the top rope and spears Shelley! He goes for the pin. 1...2...Kick out! Goto gets frustrated and stalks Shelley. The crowd pops loudly as he shouts for Alex Shelley to get up. Shelley gets to his feet and Goto grabs Shelley's wrists then goes for an Olympic slam but Shelley hooks Goto's leg. The second Goto lets go of Shelley's wrist, Shelley goes for a small package. The referee counts. 1...2...Kick out! Goto is not giving up anytime soon and Alex Shelley isn't throwing in the towel yet. Goto gets up and Alex Shelley rushes at Goto. Shelley clotheslines Goto and bounces off the ropes. As Goto gets up, Shelley connects another quick clothesline. Shelley then connects a Cross-armed scoop brainbuster, which he calls “It Came From Japan”. Shelley then poses for the crowd. The match is in his control and the momentum is in his favor! Shelley then goes to the top rope and dives off quick with a frog splash but he lands on his feet seeing that Goto rolled out of the way and got back up. These two lock up and Shelley pushes Goto in the corner. Shelley kicks Goto in the gut. As Goto stumbles out of the corner, Shelley goes for a Sliced Bread #2 but Goto pushes Shelley to the turnbuckle and as his momentum bounces back, Goto hits a surprise release German suplex and both of these two go down. Goto is laid out. Shelley is laid out and his neck could be broken as he isn't moving. The referee counts for a double stoppage. 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! Alex Shelley gets up but Goto isn't too far behind. Alex Shelley smirks at Goto. Goto holds his stomach and smirks at Shelley. They run towards each other and lock up. They try to get the advantage but they can't Alex runs to the ropes and ducks a clothesline and goes for a springboard moonsault but Goto catches him but Shelley hits a hurricanrana and Goto lands by the turnbuckle. Shelley connects a huge sliced bread #2! Shelley pins Goto! 1...2...3!

Winner by Pinfall : Alex Shelley

After a long match, Shelley picks up the win. Chris Sabin enters the ring and they fist bump and pose for the crowd. Tatsu drags Goto out of the ring. The scene fades, after a moment, to Zexuis checking up on Pandora's condition with the doctors. Just then Melina taps Zexuis's shoulder.

Zexuis : What?!

Melina : Calm down, I just came to say good luck in our match at All Out Assault.

Zexuis : Thank you, now leave.

Melina : Even if you fought twice as good as your partner, you'd still lose. I wouldn't bother showing up.

Just then something inside Zexuis snaps but Pandora says something.

Pandora : Ricochet.

Ricochet walks into the room.

Ricochet : I think it would be best if you leave Melina.

As Ricochet escorts Melina out the door, he walks back to check on Pandora.

Ricochet : How's her condition doc?

Doctor : She'll be fine. Just some bumps that will heal over time.

Ricochet and Zexuis : Thank goodness. [both sigh in relief]

Pandora : Good luck in your match next week Zexuis.

Zexuis : I'll be doing this for you Pandora.

Ricochet : Well I just came to see if everything was fine.

Pandora : Wait. Are we still up for Saturday's lunch?

Ricochet : Of course.

Pandora : See you there.

As Ricochet exits the room, the scene quickly fades to Carlito, Brad Maddox, John Morrison and Adam Cole aruging. Due to them all screaming at the top of their lungs, none of them seem coherent. After a while, Adam Cole punches Morrison and Carlito punches Brad Maddox and these two sets of rivals fight. Brad Maddox lifts Carlito and slams him on a table full of food. Adam Cole slams Morrison's head into a vending machine! The camera turns to see Matt Hardy with a sea of referees and officials coming to separate these two!

Matt Hardy : Stop it! I have enough to deal with. You guys want to fight?! Next week, Morrison and Carlito versus Maddox and Adam Cole. Now, if I hear about any more fighting, the person or people who started the fight, will be immediately suspended without pay!

Hardy storms away as Jack Swagger and JTG are walking down the ramp. JTG slides into the ring and Jack Swagger walks up the steel steps and enters the ring. They wait for Jushin Liger and Super Crazy to come out. After a while they, appear on the top of the ramp. The crowd pops loud as these two are focused on getting their championship match. As they enter the ring, the referee calls for the bell.

Match #6
Jack Swagger and JTG vs Jushin Liger and Super Crazy
Tag Team Match

JTG and Jushin Liger start out as the bell rings and the match is underway. JTG is telling Jack Swagger “he can take care of the match by himself”. Jushin Liger decides to take the advantage and hits a Rolling Koppu Kick (rolling wheel kick) which sends JTG into the corner. JTG looks to tag Jack Swagger but Swagger in on the ring floor for getting bumped into during the process. Jushin Liger then Irish whips JTG into his corner then Jushin Liger walks over and tags in Super Crazy. Super Crazy goes to the top rope as connects a gutwrench suplex then places JTG in position as Super Crazy connects a Corkscrew moonsault which he calls a Tornillo Mortal. Super Crazy then gets up and goes to lock in a inverted surfboard but JTG rolls away but Super Crazy stomps on JTG. Super Crazy then goes for a fist drop but JTG avoids it. Standing up JTG stomps on the arm of Super Crazy. He looks at Jack Swagger who smirks. JTG then goes to the top rope but Super Crazy is on his feet walking over to JTG but JTG kicks Super Crazy away and connects a diving lariat. JTG then goes to pin Super Crazy. 1...2...Kick out! Jack Swagger laughs at JTG as JTG runs over to Swagger and pins him. Jack Swagger gets in and runs at Super Crazy and hits a big boot at Super Crazy who was on one knee. Jack Swagger then picks up Crazy and throws him to the ropes. Liger tags himself in but Swagger doesn't notice and Jack Swagger connects a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Super Crazy rolls out the ring and Swagger looks at his grounded opponent but Jushin Liger turns Swagger around and kicks him in the gut then gets Swagger into a piledriver hold. Jushin then turns over to JTG and connects a huge kneeling reverse piledriver. Jushin Liger then goes to pin Jack Swagger. 1...2...JTG breaks up the pin and Jushin Liger instantly turns around and trades punches with JTG. Super Crazy enters the ring and now its a two on one encounter. Jushin and Super Crazy Irish whip whips JTG to the ropes and upon his return they hit a back body drop and JTG goes over the top rope and to the concrete floor. The crowd cheers extremely loud as Jushin Liger and Super Crazy look at the fallen JTG. Jack Swagger hits up and holds his head. Sights of a bloodied Swagger are noticed by the crowd as Jack Swagger grabs the leg of Super Crazy and lifts him over the top rope and Super Crazy goes over the ropes and to the floor next to JTG. Jack Swagger then takes a punch to the face from Jushin Liger. Jushin then throws Jack Swagger to the turnbuckles. Jushin Liger then runs to the corner and clotheslines Jack Swagger then lifts Swagger to the top rope. Jushin Liger poses for the crowd before hitting a few more punches to Jack Swagger before climbing the turnbuckles. In an instant, Jushin Liger connects a lightning fast frankensteiner! Jack Swagger hits the canvas and Jushin Liger goes to pin him. 1...2...Kick out! Meanwhile, JTG Irish whips Super Crazy to the steel steps and he collides with it as a wrecking ball collides with a brick wall. Super Crazy topples over the steel steps, making it break in half. JTG then picks up Super Crazy and goes for a powerbomb facing the steel steps but Super Crazy powers out and pushes JTG in the air and landing on the steel steps! JTG is squirming in pain! As they fight, the referee catches the mayhem in the corner of his eye. The referee sees this and as Jushin Liger goes to pick up Jack Swagger, the All-American low blows Jushin Liger! Liger goes down as Jack Swagger goes to turn the referee around. As the referee stops paying attention to the outside chaos, Jack Swagger pins Jushin Liger. 1....


Kick out!

Jack Swagger can't believe his eyes as he then stalks his grounded competitor. He screams at him to get up. The crowd pops loudly. Super Crazy and JTG are trading punches until JTG pokes Super Crazy's eye then goes under the ring to find a steel chair. Combined with the referee's blocked view, JTG does not hesitate to swing the steel chair across Crazy's head. The crowd pops loudly as JTG slides the chair back under the ring right when the referee turns around. Jack Swagger has Jushin Liger in a Gutwrench Powerbomb hold. Jushin Liger tries to escape but Jack Swagger lifts him up....and connects a hurricanrana! Jack Swagger rolls out the ring and Jushin Liger follows behind him. 1! Jack Swagger walks up the ramp. 2! Jack Swagger gets turned around but Jack Swagger kicks Jushin Liger in the gut and goes for a DDT but Liger pushes Swagger towards the crowd barricade. 2! 3! 4! 5! Jack Swagger slaps Liger and runs into the ring. 6! JTG sees Liger and goes to hold him down. 7! Jushin Liger sees JTG and hits another Rolling Koppu Kick! 8! 9! Jushin Liger slides in at the last second! Jack Swagger then locks in a gutwrench powerbomb but Jushin Liger lifts up Swagger and slams him to the turnbuckle. Jushin Liger performs a shining wizard to the cornered Swagger and watches him stagger out of the turnbuckle. Jushin Liger poses as Super Crazy hits the Crazy Bomb on JTG (straight-jacket powerbomb). Jushin Liger goes for a sit-out powerbomb. He lifts Swagger up! Swagger punches Liger in the head! As Jushin releases his grip, Jack Swagger lifts up Jushin Liger and slams him down, executing the gutwrench powerbomb. He pins Jushin Liger.

Winner by Pinfall : JTG and Jack Swagger

These two look at each other and instead of celebrating they start brawling themselves. JTG and Swagger both trade punches until Super Crazy turns JTG around and hits another Crazy Bomb. Jack Swagger looks down at JTG but Super Crazy then hits another Crazy Bomb on Swagger. Crazy then poses on each turnbuckle before Dustin Hart walks down the ramp with a chicken suit and a chicken head. Before entering the ring, he puts on this vibrant yellow and feathery chicken suit and head with large anime-like blue eyes. He walks up the steel steps and enters the ring. He was handed a microphone.

Dustin Hart : I hope these two masked men and Tazz pay me for this. I'm making a fool of myself on national television. Put on the music before our air time cuts off.

A comical tune is playing and Dustin Hart bends his arms like a chicken and dances around the ring. He then bends over as if he was pecking food of the ground. He almost trips over the surplus feathers on his feet. The crowd is laughing as Hart dances around the ring in his chicken costume. He continues on pecking the crowd and shaking his “tail”. Dustin Hart hangs his head in shame and wiggles his tail. He then falls to the floor. Hart grabs a microphone.

Dustin : Stop the music! I'm done! I'm done!

Dustin Hart takes off the head roughly and takes off the suit, stumbling in the process. KENTA is then seen on the stage in a chair. Hart catches his presence in the corner of his eye.

KENTA : Bravo. Encore! Encore!

Hart : You think your funny huh? Well lucky for you, I'm not general manager but I can book matches. You shouldn't talk KENTA your weak. Your whole team is weak. Brodus Clay smashed Yoshi Tatsu. Alex Shelley smashed Goto. I can destroy you, that isn't a threat nor a promise. It's a fact.

The crowd cheers as Matt Hardy walks past KENTA, who promptly stands.

Matt Hardy : I have it from here. KENTA next week, since you want to run your mouth, talk trash to a authority that can put their hands on you.

KENTA : Who would that be?

Hardy : Me.

The crowd cheers as Hardy extends his hand.

Matt : Next week! No disqualification! Shake my damn hand!

The crowd cheers immensely as KENTA locks Hardy in a GTS and then connects it! KENTA then shakes Hardy's hand. The fallen Hardy and unaffected Hart scene fades to black.


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