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Re: Champions League Mafia - Game Thread

Originally Posted by scrilla View Post


scum post

like he's gonna know who is scum this early, fluff. prob scum.


omgus, prob scum.

qt talk = scum

i am town = scum

ungoogleable? setting up dat fake claim.


typical mcqueen. prob town.

i know you are. def scum.

another typical mcqueen post. now confirmed town.

more fluff.

setting up dat fake claim.

i agree, but so are you.

double post, confirmed scum.

double post, confirmed scum.


you and ziggler mark can work out you fake tunnelling and fake interactions in the qt

further fluff

more fluff.

setting up that fake claim, obv scum.

no one cares. more fluff. scum.

will ignore this since you're new.

ikr fucking they're all scum.

more fluff.



you wish you were scum? nice fake interaction. scum.

scum team is Ziggler Mark, CamillePunk, Mikey D, Nov, McLovin and probably one or two people who haven't posted yet.

keep that in mind for when i go inactive. i caught 5/6 or 7 of the scum team on day one.

vote Ziggler Mark
LOL I was pissing about a few posts so I must be scum??? Nice logic scrilla. Also one of my posts had a point behind it even it was joke . Also Vote: LC for duping me last game you meanie

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