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Re: Annnnnndddddd Houston is plummeting! #Linsanity

Originally Posted by El Conquistador View Post
It's not trollin'. That's your general nature. Always bring up irrelevant things when a good discussion is happening to either denounce one's argument, as if there is no validity to it. It's extremely annoying and what irritates me most about you. You yap' very loudly until factual or valid context is presented, then you try to redirect the conversation to something you're more comfortable talking about.

It was absolutely trolling as I know it pisses you off. I countered all the points you made against Kobe, what more did you want me to do? It's not like I just responded to your quote with the "lol you don't even watch basketball" which I could quite easily have done as I know you haven't seen that many Laker games as you've mentioned multiple times that you haven't seen many games this year. So honestly, what the fuck do you know do about MY team when you hardly watch them?

But please, go on, what factual or valid context argument did you present? How is your opinion factual? Kobe is a bad defender because you watched two games in which he played poorly? He ruined the offense because he had an off night(well he has been on a cold streak and played costly lately, but he also had a really long hot stretch)? He ruins an offense that is actually playing very effectively aside from an outrageous amount of turnovers and like bro said is one of the top rated offenses in the league? He plays bad off ball defense, but also stepped up in recent games by guarding the other teams best player while also trying to maintain his offensive touch, one of the reasons why he's been shooting rather poorly lately. It isn't exactly easy guarding the other team's much faster point guard and it results in tired legs which results in missed shots.

And yeah I know this whole post was condescending, but being an ass to you is expected considering you're just as big of an ass to me so please don't moan.

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