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Re: Real Israeli female soldiers, not a Vogue photo shoot


the word? israel? yes. the biblical term for "bany israel" or Sons of Israel. yes. that was there. la di fricking da. you must be so proud. so are the words Sodom and Gomorrah. Lets rebuild those places

But the majority of its citizens DIDNT FUCKING LIVE THERE until 1948!

Palestine more or less has been a mix of christian, jewish and primarily muslim villages and cities. It wasnt until later in the 1900s when the zionist movement gained power, culminating in the bloodshed and the elimination of the palestinian people by either robbing them of their land, killing them or forcing them to leave. creating an occupation, destabilisation of the entire middle east and refugee crisis that to this day goes unresolved

the country palestine? sure, that never really existed. But the land belonged to people. people who grew up there. their families grew up there. they wanted their kids to grow up there. but no, youre right. those people should totally fuck off because a bunch of assfaces claim to be "god's chosen people" and the holy and magical UN declared a new state by pulling one out of their ass

Whats to stop me from quoting an ancient 2000 year old text for arbitrary words, tell the country of Jordon to fuck off so I can rebuild Sodom and Gomorrah while claiming to be a descendant of the prophet "Lot" and his "chosen people"?

It just doesnt make sense!

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