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Re: Could WWE not have picked somebody more less terrible than Ryan Reeves for Ryback

Originally Posted by Jeff Hardy Hater View Post
-Unable to work a good match at all unless Punk is in there
-Unable to work for 5 minutes without getting winded This hasn't even been proven yet.

-Unable to perform his finisher consistently without botching (Heyman, Tensai)He only botched his finisher once on TV, which might be a possible sandbag by Tensai

-Unable to cut even a below average promo He's no god on the mic, but he can get his point across during promos with the crowd on his side.

-Unbearably ugly (Literally one of the ugliest people I have ever seen)I know right. How will Ryback win the beauty pageant on next week's Raw?

-From every non-kayfabe interview he's done, he comes off as a massively cocky douche bag. If Ryback wants to be one of the top guys of the company, then he has to be confident about himself. He has to believe that he can become a bigger star than Goldberg, and develop into his own character.

-Lacks any sort of charisma or ability to connect to the crowd without his chant cough*Hell in a Cell*cough

-Clearly a steroid user Your favorite wrestlers also used steroids
Many people on here claim that WWE aren't developing any new talent into stars, and accuse them of putting the same people in the spotlight all the time, when in fact, WWE are trying to invest in the future right now. You guys wanted a new star to step into the spotlight, well Ryback is that guy. He's already close to being one of the top guys in the company, and I don't have a problem with that, especially when he's over with the crowd. Besides Randy Orton and partially Sheamus, Ryback is one of the only guys in the WWE right now who plays the the character of a badass face, and he is nailing it down as far the badass aspect of his character goes. The next step is how can Ryback evolve his character? That's were mic skills, in ring skills, and booking comes into play.

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