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Re: Could WWE not have picked somebody more less terrible than Ryan Reeves for Ryback

Originally Posted by Demoslasher View Post
Wait a minute...you just said fucking GOLDBERG was more creative?

most of his matches were as follows,

*Goldberg no sells some slight offense*
*pose for crowd*
*Match over*

Its just a fact that all of you IWC regulars basically hate every wrestler that's popular. Ryback gets a huge reaction from the crowds, and if they did not have him lose to punk in 3 straight retarded ways...he would be even bigger, those loses really derailed him
Goldberg had some pretty agile moves besides just the spear and jack hammer, and would use submissions that you didn't see many other people use at the time, MMA stuff. Ryback clotheslines people and does a modified samoan drop lol. Not to mention there's a lot of wrestlers that can deliver a mean clothesline, but the spear on the other hand has always been associate with Goldberg and it always looked awesome.

Someone else said it (I can't remember), but Ryback is pretty much a modified version of Goldberg, but Goldberg pretty much played his character to perfection, and there's really not anything else you can do to top what he did with that kind of character.

As for him losing to Punk 3 times, that's why they shouldn't have rushed him into the main event. It was obvious that Punk was facing the Rock, at the Royal Rumble (which they annouced after wrestlemania), having Ryback vs the Rock instead would make absolutely no sense, and having a situation where Punk drops the title, but quickly picks it up again, would only devalue the title.
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