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Re: Rebook a WrestleMania

WrestleMania 27

WWE Championship (Triple-Threat Match) (Special Guest Referee: The Rock)

The Miz (c) vs CM Punk vs John Cena

How I would book this match would be that I would have Miz walk in as champion but with CM Punk and John Cena it would end in a double pin in the Elimination Chamber or some sort of controversial finish where both men would draw with each other somehow, which would result in a Triple-Threat Match with Miz having to defend his WWE Championship against Punk and Cena and I would also bring Rock into this by having him and Cena cross paths but also having him cross paths with Punk and the New Nexus as well as with Miz and Riley but to make things really interesting I would have Rock as the special guest referee in this match adding to the unpredictability of this match, Cena walks out as the new WWE Champion

Last Man Standing Match

Triple H vs Sheamus

I would have had them end their feud on the grandest stage of them all and to have their feud ultimately be decided in a Last Man Standing Match to determine just who the true King of the WWE is, by having Triple H make his return in the build-up towards WrestleMania by having him return early at the 2011 Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant in the Rumble match eliminating Sheamus and himself at the same time and then it turning into a brawl on the outside and then you can build up the feud from there considering it was Sheamus who put HHH on the shelf with Triple H going over to get his revenge by beating Sheamus at Mania 27 but by ultimately making this match more personal, I would have included Shawn Michaels in this feud since Shawn was being inducted into the Hall of Fame by having Sheamus attack HBK to add fuel to the fire

Streak Match (19-0 or 18-1)

Undertaker vs Wade Barrett

How I would build this match up would be that it was Barrett and the original Nexus who helped Kane back at Bragging Rights 2010 to bury Undertaker alive and Taker comes back in the build-up towards Mania 27 by showing signs of his return like at the 2011 Royal Rumble during the 40-man Rumble match Taker's gong goes off similar to Royal Rumble 2004 as a way to scare Barrett which then ends in Barrett getting eliminated from behind by someone, and then Barrett's Corre stablemates end up getting taken out one by one first it is Ezekiel Jackson who gets taken out mysteriously backstage and then the lights go out backstage and when they come back on, Jackson is gone and then the next week a similar attack with Gabriel being the next one who is taken out mysteriously backstage and the lights go out and he's gone and then the 3rd week it happens to Slater, and Barrett is all alone but of course Barrett says he won't be intimidated by Taker because he is a shell of his former self and that he did the world a favor by helping Kane to bury him alive and that he wants Taker to face him in this ring man to man and the lights go out, gong is heard and when the lights come back, Taker is in the ring with Barrett who looks like he is going to take off but instead attacks Taker leaving him laying and then you can build it up more from there with Barrett at Mania taking Taker to the limit but ultimately failing with Taker going 19-0

Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio (Grudge Match)

How I would set this one up would be that during the 40-man Rumble match Orton is the one who eliminates Del Rio from the match ultimately ruining Del Rio's destiny of winning the Rumble and in retaliation Del Rio comes back into the ring and attacks Orton maliciously throwing Orton out of the ring and then it turning into a brawl on the outside with Del Rio locking in the Cross Armbreaker on Orton who is tapping like crazy, then your feud is born with this being an inter-promotional feud with Orton being a RAW guy at the time and Del Rio being a Smackdown guy, Del Rio goes over in this feud at Mania beating Orton

World Heavyweight Championship

Edge (c) vs Christian

How I would set this one up would be that I would have had Christian make a shocking return in the 40-man Royal Rumble match returning early and he wins it at the #40 entry, with Christian last eliminating Cena to win, and Christian then goes on to main event Mania but then the next night on RAW Christian makes his intentions known as to which champion he'll face at Mania when both champions are in the ring and he chooses Edge his best friend the World Heayweight Champion and then you can begin your feud with Christian ultimately coming up short at Mania with Edge retaining his title, but then Christian ultimately winning the title anyway at Extreme Rules 2011

8-man Tag Team Match

Kane, Big Show, Booker T, and Diesel vs The New Nexus (Mcgillicutty, Otunga, Ryan and Harris)

How I would set this up would be that I would have The New Nexus target Kane and Big Show instead of The Corre, with them attacking Kane and Big Show only for Booker T to come out to make the save but the numbers game begins to be too much until Kevin Nash's Diesel music plays and he comes out to even the odds and then you can build up the rest of this match here but I would ultimately have New Nexus go over these guys winning at Mania 27

Jerry Lawler w/Stone Cold vs Michael Cole w/Swagger

The feud was already set in stone anyway but I wouldn't include Austin in this feud to be the Special Guest Referee but more or less I would have Austin in Lawler's corner at Mania, and Lawler having his WrestleMania moment by beating Michael Cole on the grandest stage of them all and it all ending with Michael Cole receiving a Stone Cold Stunner courtesy of The Rattlesnake and then Swagger getting one too for good measure and then Lawler & Cole's feud ending at WrestleMania 27 because they dragged that feud on for too long

WWE United States Championship & WWE Intercontinental Championship Unification Match

Daniel Bryan (United States Champion) (c) vs Kofi Kingston (Intercontinental Champion) (c)

How I would set this match-up up would be that I would have Daniel Bryan go on about how he wants a match at Mania and a match where he can actually have some competition especially going on about how he wants to make things interesting by putting his title on the line only for Kofi Kingston the WWE Intercontinental Champion to interrupt Daniel Bryan by saying how he doesn't have a match at Mania either but that he wants competition too and to make things interesting he will put his title on the line also in this match and the winner will have the right to call himself both the United States Champion and the Intercontinental Champion, this match is basically for bragging rights to determine just who is better, with Bryan ultimately winning this match and having his Mania 27 moment walking out as a double champion with both belts in his possession

Dolph Ziggler & Laycool w/Vickie Guerrero vs Trish Stratus, Snooki and John Morrison

I actually liked this match, so I wouldn't change anything about it except that it would be a shorter match because I feel that it took too much time but ultimately would have Trish, Snooki and Morrison win with Snooki ultimately getting the last word where Vickie is concerned
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