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Re: will vince mcmahon give randy orton another wwe championship run on raw?

IF he wins the rumble I wouldn't be surprised if he elects to win the WHC on Smackdown on the WM card
If he doesnt win the rumble he persues the championship anyways on smackdown
1. leaving the WWE championship for whatever crazy matchup like punk rock WWE is building
2. so people actually give a shit about the WHC (Big Slow, ADR, Sheamus? really?)
3 As mentioned above people will give a bit more of a shit about smackdown. WWE needs to save that show if they want to keep both making money, rather than raw making some money and smackdown hemorrhaging money

The Randy Orton character is above the face/heel dynamic at this point because of all the flip flopping, yes he will ALWAYS work better as a heel, but over the years he has build a core foundation of fans that will ALWAYS cheer for him no matter what role he is playing good or bad. not to mention i have heard on several occasions "Randy Orton is hot" from women, so they are gonna cheer for him cuz they dont give a shit what he is playing lol. So yes have him work heel promos at times but dont force it let the fans have their own reaction, I like what they did with Sheamus in that promo on smackdown it was like he was playing heel but he wasnt over doing it. Its good evolution of character. rimo

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