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Re: Could WWE not have picked somebody more less terrible than Ryan Reeves for Ryback

Originally Posted by Rick_James View Post
I'm mixed on Ryback, the guy definitely freshened up the main event, but it definitely felt like his push was too fast. My big concern is, he almost killed Swagger and he injured Punk, and his matches aren't really that long, so what's the excuse? He's been in developmental for like 6 years.

His moveset just does not match up with him being a big man, and the whole thing with him not being able to shellshock Tensai looked very bad. Tensai may way a lot, but if the fact that the guy is a jobber which made it such a train wreck. If Goldberg wasn't able to Jackhammer the big show, I guarantee you it would've damaged the buzz he was getting big time.
Punk was already injured before he was power bombed through the table by Ryback. If you watched the match he had the week before he got power bombed by Ryback, you'll notice him favoring his knee during the match. The Swagger match was a mess, I agree. But it seemed like, to me at least, its was either Ryback deadlifting Swagger. Or Swagger was being an ass and didn't jump. The Tensai "botch" was obviously a sandbag. Sure, many people were calling foul on Ryback when it happened, and I understand how a person can come to that conclusion. But seeing as though he lifted Tensai with ease a mere few weeks later, I say it was a sandbag on Tensai's part.

Originally Posted by Evolution View Post
I also can't believe how much you let Cena ruin your own lives by doing what he does.

You all may make fun of people with "IT'S STILL REAL TO ME DAMN IT!" for the young kids or marks or whatever, but you guys are even worse than them. You have this deep-seeded legitimate rage for Cena and his fans to the point where you let it affect your day to day life.

Grow up. Seriously.
If you don't understand why John Cena wins all the time, maybe professional wrestling is not for you.
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