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Re: Could WWE not have picked somebody more less terrible than Ryan Reeves for Ryback

Originally Posted by Jeff Hardy Hater View Post
-Unable to work a good match at all unless Punk is in there
-Unable to work for 5 minutes without getting winded
-Unable to perform his finisher consistently without botching (Heyman, Tensai)
-Unable to cut even a below average promo
-Unbearably ugly (Literally one of the ugliest people I have ever seen)
-From every non-kayfabe interview he's done, he comes off as a massively cocky douche bag.
-Lacks any sort of charisma or ability to connect to the crowd without his chant
-Clearly a steroid user

I legitimately don't mind the idea of pushing somebody straight from their debut, it creates long-term stars, but this guy who plays Ryback is horrible at EVERYTHING except for being big and muscular. He has literally no other attractive quality. Why did they not pick somebody better for this push? Are there no other guys in development, or in free agency that could do as well as Ryback with this push? The guy is just so damn terrible, and it took him a long time to get over.

Ryback is cool, Ryan Reeves is horrible.
You've clearly stretched your list of complaints wayyyyy too far. The only legitimate one is that he can barely cut a promo, just like all but 12ish guys on the roster, and yet Ryback is IMPROVING on the mic. Everything else is minor and to be improved upon, or bullshit.

-Winded after 5 minutes: look at Sheamus and other really big guys. It can even add to the drama of the match, especially since almost all wrestling matches are slow towards the end anyway.
-Unable to perform finisher consistently: and then citing two ppl. Congrats. He's fine. Its a Samoan drop. It'll be okay.
-Unable to cut below-avg promo: I would say his promos are above-average even though they suck. Only a dozen or so guys can cut promos, in case you haven't noticed. And, as I said before, he's improving on the mic, and he's already popular (they chant his catchphrase when his rivals are on the ring; I think that's the gold standard of popularity).
-Arrogant in real interviews: I disagree, having seen interviews, and don't give a shit either way.
-Lacks any charisma or ability to connect with the crowd with his chant: Umm... how do you connect more with the crowd than with them repeating your chant (and even initiating it when your rivals are in the ring). Are the fans supposed to be jerking off as they do it? Are they not laughing and smiling enough? Seriously, what does this mean. You're reaching for straws here.
-Clearly a steroid user: True, can't argue with that, but don't act like that's why you started this thread. Take a look at The Rock. Saying someone is a steroid user is also synonymous with "G-d damn, look at his body," which is generally a good thing. Unless you're reaching for reasons to hate the guy.

Like I said, he needs to seriously work on his promos. He should only be a midcarder right now, and, oh, that's right, he is just a midcarder right now. He had 3 months of a main event rivalry, where they never intended to put the belt on him, and now he's feuding with Shield. I'm pretty happy they turned what was a bunch of boring squash matches (though I still liked Ryback) into a legit feud with a bunch of new guys that makes all four of these new guys entertaining, and makes all of them play their character well. But, then again, I don't make it my life's goal to just shit on a guy for being successful.

They chant his catchphrase when his rivals are in the ring. If you don't think he's doing things right, you don't know entertainment.

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