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Re: Could WWE not have picked somebody more less terrible than Ryan Reeves for Ryback

Unable to work a good match at all unless Punk is in there
The longest matches he's had so far as against Punk. So obviously his best matches are going to be his longest, because he's able to sell and do alot of stuff in the match compared to his squash matches.

Unable to work for 5 minutes without getting winded
I haven't seen that at all.

Unable to perform his finisher consistently without botching (Heyman, Tensai)
I have no clue what happened with Heyman, but Tensai was obviously a sandbag. It was obvious when Ryback did the Shellshock on Tensai a few weeks later and it was flawless.

Unable to cut even a below average promo
He's not supposed to be a really good talker, he's a monster. He talks on the mic to connect with the audience, but it's not a requirement for a guy who let's his actions speak louder than his words.

Unbearably ugly (Literally one of the ugliest people I have ever seen)
How in the hell does this matter?

From every non-kayfabe interview he's done, he comes off as a massively cocky douche bag.
I don't know where you see that. I see a guy who has ambition and doesn't look to highly of himself. Hell, he doesn't seem to mind the Goldberg chants. He feels it's a compliment.

Lacks any sort of charisma or ability to connect to the crowd without his chant
His chant IS the way he connects with the crowd.

Clearly a steroid user
Yep, so he's big. So he must be on steroids.

Ryback is one of the guys in the company that I feel can be the next top face. You may not agree, but look at him. He's got the size, skills, and ability. He's over as all hell, and his chant is over too. He's been in developmental/main roster for years, so he's got a shit-ton of experience.

Originally Posted by Evolution View Post
I also can't believe how much you let Cena ruin your own lives by doing what he does.

You all may make fun of people with "IT'S STILL REAL TO ME DAMN IT!" for the young kids or marks or whatever, but you guys are even worse than them. You have this deep-seeded legitimate rage for Cena and his fans to the point where you let it affect your day to day life.

Grow up. Seriously.
If you don't understand why John Cena wins all the time, maybe professional wrestling is not for you.
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