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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

This is Exile Feedback

Uh yeah, I'm a bit like yourself at the minute, running late on everything. But I got here eventually. Anyway, onto the show...

I figured you would go with Haas and Benjamin as the opener, as of the undercard matches, this one clearly has that extra sense of intrigue given the situation. Made sense to go with the real back and forth technical stuff early on, but I was glad to see the elbow land, allowing us to move onto the good stuff. There were some pretty imaginative spots, especially that flapjack into the Haas of Pain, that was quite the visual picturing that one. Ha, very interesting to see both men go for the sneaky win, the desperation to win clearly shoving all morals aside, until we get the right victor in Haas. I predicted Haas to win purely because I felt a win for him offers far more storyline wise, and I think this match in general did a good job of setting up future matches between the two. I felt that maybe you held back here just a little, which again makes me think there could be one or more rematches between the two. But yeah, for now, at the start of the arc imo, this was a pretty solid match to kick off the show. As I said, I fully expect bigger and better from these two in the future, and I'm convinced that's where you're gonna take it.

Interesting contrast in the cohesion between the two teams, with Team AOW seemingly more of a group of individuals while The Legion seem much more together. Christian will lead his team to glory, but this at least served a purpose of putting a little doubt in the mind given the team element of it all.

Hullo blondie. Wonder who that could be. That's probably the most intriguing thing to take away from this match, that and how much emphasis you placed on the difference in personalities between Nameth and Hager. Defo worth keeping an eye on that. As for the match, loved the crazy tower spot, that sounded pretty insane. And again, I think the right person(s) won this one too, certainly much more to give from American Made going forward. Like I said in my predictions, you seemed to have cooled on London and Kendrick, so may as well have them put over the newer team. Another solid match here.

Wow, what a... strange match. The high flying stuff early one was certainly pretty cool, especially the triple moonsault bit. And the fact that it was 'Lito that was targeted early on, that all made sense. But uh... yeah, first The Mercs walk out on the match. Kinda tend to agree with cp above, it was strange that they would bother to start the match if they already had a bigger offer on the table, especially given the kinda sneaky character 'Lito is. I'd have maybe had Burchill and Albright walk out and say “Keep your money, mate” or something like that. And then the finish, 'Lito still gets the win despite the disadvantage. Certainly makes him look pretty strong, but I felt this was a chance for him to take a defeat without losing face. If Aero gets the win here, all Carlito has to say is that his partners walked out on him and he's saved face and got his heat back. You could have even saved that mask spot for a rematch between the two down the road. Yeah, I dunno, just seemed a really strange match. Almost as if there was too much going on in it.

Trios tournament should be cool, and I'm assuming we'll see more the Aero/Mexicool combination in that. And then a nice little tease between Haas and Benjamin.

Given the way in which you put over the first meeting between the two, this one was never gonna quite reach that level, and rightly so. I fully expect a rubber match between these two, one that should top the first encounter. But as for tonight's offering, it was another enjoyable, high flying match. I get a real sense that it's matches like these that you really enjoy writing, and it shows in the way you present things. Definitely the right choice to have Kingston win, and I'm expecting big things from their third and final match.

Dreamer was an interesting choice to answer the call, although I guess it makes sense given his history with Van Dam and the ECW Rules stipulation. Again though, Finlay just had to win, and I'm glad he did so in such convincing fashion. And knowing what an incredibly sick-minded so and so you can be, I really can't wait to see how far you'll have Finlay push Van Dam before he finally snaps and returns to action. Still plenty more to give here imo, don't rush it. Patience, and then when it finally does happen it'll be another great moment for the thread.

Was always expecting Helms to win, but I liked how much you put Low Ki over even in defeat. Pointing out that he was an unlikely candidate to smash the announce desk, added to the strong showing of offence he was permitted, plus the fact that the tide turned on his injured leg and he refused help after the match. Helms may have gotten the win, one he very much needed, but certainly Ki came out of things looking very strong.

And now main event time. I love the addition of the tables and the barbed wire, gives a real sense of the chaos that we're about the witness. I was very intrigued by the way you had Jericho almost control Doane from his pod, barking orders and telling him to let Lashley and Christian go at it. A bit strange, but very intriguing nonetheless. Holy crap, that knock out punch sequence was brutal, and then it goes up another notch as Punk is launched through the pod. Now we're starting to get somewhere with regards to the brutality this match is sure to deliver. Loved Jericho hiding in the pod, such a chickenshit thing for him to do. Joe and The Great~!, their exit was ridiculous and yet really well done at the same time. Obviously protecting the big guy is a key, and this certainly done that, although it put Joe over big time too despite the elimination. Taking us down to Jericho and Lashley outnumbering Christian made so much sense given what has gone in the past, and while Christian definitely deserved the win, I thought it would have made Christian looked even stronger if he actually managed to eliminate Jericho. Your way of having Lashley spear Jericho through the door, while a crazy sounding spot, was a bit of a cop out, one that I wasn't too happy about since you had already done so with Wright earlier in the match. The ending was beautiful though, an almost symbolic con-chair-to to put Lashley away, one that firmly hands Christian the victory and fully sets him up to be the man to end Jericho's reign of terror imo.

Overall, I can only imagine what this would have been like to read in full. I'm sure it would have been an incredible show. But alas, technology has robbed us of a treat, but it was still a very good effort, an enjoyable show that had seemed to set up so much in terms of storylines. I really wasn't happy with the six man tag, I thought that had too much going on in it. But apart from that, it was yet another good showing from you. Looking forward to seeing this one continue to progress.
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