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Re: WWE 2013

WWE Superstars- 31 January 2013

Match 1: El Local vs David Otunga

After a lengthy spell of dominance from Otunga, El Local takes control with a dropkick followed up by a springboard splash. The Masked Mexican goes to the top rope and delivers an immaculate corkscrew moonsault, covers the fallen Otunga, and gets the three count.

Winner via Pinfall: El Local!

Match 2: JTG vs Alex Riley

After a back and forth match, JTG escapes from The Final Score, and hits a Da Shout Out, from out of nowhere to win the match.

Winner via Pinfall: JTG

In the Ring: Curt Hawkins

Hawkins: Do not fear WWE Universe, your hero has returned to you once more. But I bring grave news to all of you. You see, unlike last week you will only be able to see your Idol wrestle in one match tonight. But do not fear WWE Universe, you see, tonight, despite only competing once, I will give to all of you the match of the year! Now, without further ado, let us see who the new challenger for a WWE contract will be?



**New Rockers**

Curt Hawkins’s opponent is Paul London! The former Cruiserweight Champion and 3 Time Tag Team Champion making his first appearance in the WWE for nearly five years!

Match 3: Paul London vs Curt Hawkins

If Paul London wins, he gets a WWE contract.

Hawkins looks to start the match by locking up, but London immediately sets the tone for the match by hitting him with a dropkick! London executes a flurry of offence, hitting a springboard crossbody and standing moonsault among other manoeuvres.

London heads to the top rope for a crossbody, but Hawkins dodges and The Intrepid Traveller hits the mat. Hawkins sees his opportunity and ceases it, hitting the high flyer with a DDT. Hawkins slows the pace of the match down significantly, working over London with a combination of stomps and holds. Hawkins hits a powerful vertical suplex but Paul London kicks out at two.

Hawkins looks to sends London into the turnbuckle, but London runs up it and flips off, delivering a picture perfect moonsault into Hawkins! London covers our Hero...



But Hawkins lifts the shoulder!

Before Paul London can inflict more damage, Hawkins hits him with a low blow (which the referee misses) and rolls him up!



3-NO! London kicks out in the nick of time!

But Hawkins has control of the match back. He goes back to his previous tactic of stomping on London. Hawkins hits a double underhook suplex, but again London kicks out. Hawkins pulls London up and delivers his trademarked One Night Stand!




The Man who holds the record for the longest WWE Tag Team Championship reign is desperate to get another contract with the WWE. Hawkins leaps to his feat and verbally accosts the referee in protest. When he turns back around, he is met with a powerful enzuigiri! The move lays Hawkins out and London looks to take advantage...

London stands over Hawkins and goes for the standing shooting star press! But Hawkins gets his knees up just in time to block the move! Paul London writhes in pain while Curt Hawkins gets to his feet. Our Idol picks up the want-to-be WWE Superstar and delivers an emphatic Laugh Riot, driving London’s skull into the mat!

Hawkins makes the cover...




Winner via Pinfall: Curt Hawkins

This time, it is too much for Paul London, who has nothing left in the tank to kick out. The former tag team champion’s hopes of regaining a WWE contract are ended by Curt Hawkins. The Victor taunts London as he struggles to his feet.

Suddenly, Paul London lunges out, catching Hawkins with a kick to the skull, laying out Our Idol.

London heads up top, and signals to the fans one last time, before delivering an incredible 450 splash! Paul London gets the last laugh over his opponent as WWE Superstars goes off the air.

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