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Re: Could WWE not have picked somebody more less terrible than Ryan Reeves for Ryback

Originally Posted by Jeff Hardy Hater View Post

Ryback is not a star. Ryback is horrible. Ryback is not somebody that anything was seen in. The Shield are not destined for career mid-carding outside of a Vince fetish though, Ambrose is amazing and Reigns and Rollins are pretty good too, if somebody with a legitimate eye for talent and marketability was at the head of things, Ryback would not be a professional wrestler. Lesnar was good at wrestling and he still is, Lesnar is a 1 in a million athletic specimen who was an MMA champion while Ryback can't lift up Paul Heyman successfully and cannot work a match without getting insanely winded. Lesnar is also a more marketable guy because he is not untolerably ugly.

Orton was a guy where you could say that a star was seen. His face run was not too well received, but he still got pushed to the moon afterward. And, hate him or not, he certainly has been a successful star.
Reigns is awesome? Based on what?

Rollings is awesome? Hahaha

It's amazing how fans bitch that WWE doesn't make new wrestlers, then they make Ryback. Then fans bitch about the guy doing it. There is so much more stuff wrong with WWE right now than Ryan Reeves, it's not even funny. He's not even close to being as bad as portrayed here, and some of your bitching OP is bullshit.

Unable to work a good match at all unless Punk is in there
It's how they book the matches. OR - the Ultimate Warrior and Goldberg both sucked. Pick one.

Unable to work for 5 minutes without getting winded
Andre the Giant was winded before he got to the ring.

Unable to perform his finisher consistently without botching (Heyman, Tensai)

-Unable to cut even a below average promo

Half the roster can't cut a promo.

-Unbearably ugly (Literally one of the ugliest people I have ever seen)

-From every non-kayfabe interview he's done, he comes off as a massively cocky douche bag.
-Lacks any sort of charisma or ability to connect to the crowd without his chant
-Clearly a steroid user
See reply to "unable to cut a promo"

If you want Lesnar back so much, try Youtube. I just think you're entirely off base and half of your list of "gripes" were just plain bullshit to make your list of grievances look bigger than was actually warranted. The ol "well I only hate one or two things about him, but I'll list more so there is more to talk about"

I mean "unbearably ugly" - what the fuck? I guess we need more good looking guys to appease you and the females in the audience. Hmm.....yeah we need more of this guy:

Right OP?

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