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Re: NJPW as of late....

Originally Posted by MF83 View Post
The guy has a point. Aside from the Laughter7 stuff, not much about modern New Japan links back stylistically to the days of old. Gotta give them credit in 2012 for bringing back strong style philosophies like more original, often shorter match-to-match layouts, less predictable booking and more mat wrestling, but even from the mid-00s has the game changed almost entirely. Tanahashi led/Jado & Gedo booked Yukes-Bushiroad era was all about safe booking to restabalize and grow the company. Trouble was that outside of Nagata, Tenzan, Nakanishi & Chono, they had no contracted veterans to teach the new generation how to work at the elite level. Nagata is the best of those and he's only 'pretty good' in the grand scheme of things, as he never had the veteran rub he needed either. It can all be blamed back to Inokism but the fact is that The Four Heroes generation kind of just did 'practice makes perfect' on their own, emulating a mixture of 00s NJ and king's road AJPW in a lot of ways. Tanahashi has never been a super worker, plethora of high end matches or not, and while Nakamura has been, he still relies on the formulaic tropes of the modern era. I find it kind of funny how that even though he's slow as molasses, Makabe is about as throwback as they come this side of MiSu. NJ is now 'Cool Style' as opposed to 'Strong Style'. With the influx of bandwagon hopper outside stars like MiSu, Kojima, and Tanaka, and the rise of the new (fifth? sixth?) generation, they have the personalities to get everyone over huge, putting on hugely entertaining shows. It works in 2013, clearly, but no doubt it has turned off traditionalists because the worksmanship is nowhere near where it once was, generally speaking.

They won't be recent but YouTube search 'Toukon Retsuden'. Dan and Riki are fun and informative pro-ish commentators and they covered a shit ton, lots of which should still be online.
Dude, thx for the Toukon Retsuden suggestion. Always wondered if 'shoot' commentary could be good, and its pretty fun to listen to.

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