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Re: one good thing about your least liked wrestler and one bad thing about your fav?

lol@ almost everyone's "worst thing about your fav wrestler" answer being basically "his booking". Way to cop out of saying something negative about your favorite guy. Just blame WWE! -_-


Least favorites:

Heath Slater: Um. He's at least not way below average in the ring. Can't find much good about him. Way annoying.

CM Punk: He's managed to brainwash a lot of marks into thinking he's the best at every aspect of wrestling when it's not even close in most of them. Props to him for saying all the right things to manipulate the gullable part of the WWE fanbase into thinking he's the GOAT wrestler.


The Rock: Worst thing now, he isn't as good as he used to be. Mostly his mic work, not that it's at all bad now. But it's -20% at least. He seems a bit less manly than he used to and is less harsh and aggressive on the mic than before. And for him back in the day, I wish he made some of his moves look a bit more powerful rather than graceful. They still looked fine, but sometimes I wish he had a few more stiff-looking moves.

Ryback: Needs to huff and puff a little less. His finisher doesn't look as impressive as I'd like. He doesn't use enough brawler moves during his matches, it's mostly grapples. Good grapples, but he needs to mix in more brawler attacks too.
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