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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

619's Feedback for cp's Monday Night RAW

~Been a little out of the loop, so it was mighty convenient what Bischoff had to say here to catch me up to speed a little bit. Also, kudos on the non-traditional opening; they really are a great way to immediately get a reader’s attention. I could just picture the dickish look on his face that he’d have while saying this, too. You captured him in excellent fashion, and the changing of the Unforgiven main event sounds like it should be a lot of fun.

~Well that was just fun. No gripe about Michaels destroying a set of jobbers. None of them got really any kind of showing here, but nice to see Michaels more than up to the challenge (as if there was any question he’d lose to MAVEN). The post-match is what means the most here, and I love the way your Hassan played it off. He doesn’t just want to torture Michaels, he wants to completely break everything about the guy. Was a very solid segment that will surely add a layer to this mugging of a feud.

~A very nice promo from the Dudz here, I fully expect them to put the Platform in their place in a couple of weeks. They won’t hold the gold much longer than that, but they should at least put up a fighting chance against the young guys.

~A solid, if short, match that the Platform looked pretty good in. I understand why the Dudleys interfered, it’s kind of Booking 101. What I didn’t like was the logic behind it. Not only could this potentially be seen as a way for the Bashams to lay claim for a title shot, thus giving the Dudz more challengers come Unforgiven, but the champs just did what they chewed the Platform out for doing and that was sticking their nose where it didn’t belong because they’re afraid. From a booking perspective, this didn’t make much sense with all that put in. But from a character perspective, I do like it because it shows that perhaps it’s the Dudleys that are afraid of the Platform and the fact that the kids do have their number and the champs are getting a tad paranoid about keeping their gold. Whichever way you wanna look at it, I suppose

~Oh, hey Batista. Oh, hey Kane. These guys really have it in for one another, no? I like me some anarchy, and this was well done, although it did feel a little bit filler-ish to me.

~Nice to insert a little bit of vengeance into a women’s feud, and there’s no one the crowd likes to get behind than Lita. An impressive win and that address was short and sweet, just telling us exactly how she felt and what was new without any fluff. Although I’m still rooting for psycho Victoria. Moving on.

~I really like what you’re doing with the WGTT here. Lots of unresolved tension going around in this scene, even with both guys apologizing. I’m not sure which way you’re gonna go with this, but that’s what’s drawing me to it. I think both you and me are pulling a great deal of inspiration from these two from Legend’s work with them, but I implore you to make this one your own. Still, very interest peaking stuff here.

~A really strong match between the Canadians here that was never gonna end clean. These are two guys you’ve been giving a lot of focus to for a while now, so I wasn’t expecting a clear cut winner, although I wouldn’t be surprised in the least bit if all three men were involved in something together come Unforgiven.

~Btw, I wanna slap your Coach everytime he talks.

~Nice to see Regal and his boy given new direction and I also very much enjoy the fact that Regal is only gonna add fuel to the fire between the WGTT. He’s a perfect catalyst to do so given his incredibly educated nature. Dare I say Regal might prompt Haas to jump on board with him…?

~As already noted by many, you’ve pretty much got Bischoff to a tee by this point. Loved his business approach between Christian/Jericho, Christian looking like the perfect chickenshit heel he can be. I like the #1 Contendership announcement, but I can’t help but wonder if at some point in the future those three guys’ll meet in…idk…a ladder match for…idk…that briefcase thingy? That’d be fun to read, I would reckon.

~Have no idea what your plans are for Goldust, but he’s an incredibly versatile character that can be used for many different situations with many different characters. Although I was a tad disappointed there was no Shattered Dreams in this match. Conway deserves no nuts.

~Jesus, have these two been going at it for the entire hour between their segments? And they still want to have the match? I’ll buy it because it puts over the sheer hatred and intensity in the feud, as well as the need for the Cage, but god that’s a long time to be fighting.

~Kennedy was gold here. You’ve really molded him into a really interesting gray morality character who will do whatever it takes to get that spotlight. No doubt he’s more heelish than anything, but messin’ around with Bischoff like he has isn’t gonna get him any better chance that he wants for now. Perhaps his first real feud will be with Goldust…? Promo was excellent. Oh, and Kennedy more likes to ‘smack’ his gum much moreso than actually ‘chewing’ it.

~ ar the ‘cheating on Charlie Haas’ bit. Heel commentators are so much fun. This one was hell breaking loose from the start; I agree with iMac in that this one probably shouldn’t have even gotten started and just devolved into one big brawl. Charlie finally showing up was huge for that character development in whatever direction you really want to take him. Chokeslam was HUGE for Kane, seeing as how he needs more footing after losing at SummerSlam, but huge spot to end the night to put a cap on ridiculously violent situation.

~…or that’s not the end? Again, nice break of traditions with both the opening and closing. Michaels was great here, almost sounding a little bit loony, but I guess only having one thing to hold onto in a time like this might drive a man a little over the edge. As much as I marked a little bit for being pulled back and seeing the Entity all lain out and whatnot, it concerns me a little that he took them all out by himself. Whatever happens with Batista next week will be key in how these guys look going into Unforgiven.

Overall, I very much enjoyed this show, mostly because it’s nice to see a lot of your characters evolving as they go on. Benjamin/Haas is the main one, but Michaels’ devotion, Hassan’s lack therefore of, and Kennedy’s continued rise are the ones I mostly took away from this. You continue to impress and bring out the solid stuff. Hopefully, I won't be so late with reviews from here on out. Keep it up, broseph


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