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Re: Things that annoy you?

Originally Posted by The Dude View Post
For Example: did you know that the word Democracy is NOT in the Constitution, Bill Of Rights, or the Declaration of Independance? NOT FUCKING ONCE. yet over the years we have been lead to believe that this is the government we live under and our actions are changed over decades to make this so.. The founding fathers HATED the idea of a democracy. In fact Benjamin Franklin said and I quote "A democracy is Two Wolves and One Sheep voting on whats for dinner."
America was Established as a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. meaning that the 51% cannot take rights from the 49% WITHOUT EXCEPTION!!! Meaning even if I were President I cant take away your rights nor can I declare war domestic or foreign without constitutional grounds. and yet not one question is raised these issues with Bush and the like because it is UN AMERICAN to do so. what a fantastic phrase the cold war has brought us for asking legitimate domestic and foreign issue questions.
..."and liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." That makes me one of the sheeple I guess in that case.

BTW...agree or not, Bush got approval from Congress before taking action in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama, on the other hand, didn't get that when using American planes in Libya. But I get what you're cooking with your rant.

Which brings me to another annoying part of politics. The same folks that bashed the hell out of Bush for his roles in Iraq and Afghanistan support Obama for the same things. Those people are un-American, un-patriotic, and downright treasonous. If you are against war, fine, I have no problem with that. I have more respect for someone like Medea Benjamin who is against war regardless of who's running she show...as opposed to those who are only against war when their own is not in charge as Commander-in-chief.

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