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Re: 20 guys that have no reason to be on the roster...

Alex Riley - Maybe need to improve his ring work but all he needs a push.
Hunico and Camacho - WWE should cut their losses as Hunico is to old to do anything drastic with and unless they want to repackage Camacho and give him one more shot they should release him too.
Curt Hawkins - is a great talent and is begging for a shot of anykind which I know he will deliever.
Derrick Bateman - This guy is a great face and can be a funny without being a Santino type character.
Epico and Primo - This is a decent team and could be a great team with tv time in a year or so.
Evan Bourne - Release Evan as although he is talented their are people just as talented or more so on the roster, in development and in the indies and most of them are better on the mic than Evan plus he has backstage heat and thats not someone you keep around.
Ezekiel Jackson - Release He has had numerous pushes and all have failed this is easy cut to make.
Jack Swagger - He is getting repackaged at the moment but if it doesn't work then its times WWE cut their losses as he hasn't been entertaining at all since his world title reign.
Jimmy and Jey Uso - See Primo and Epico.
JTG - He should have been released ages ago as he hasn't improved in the ring much since his early Cryme Tyme days wih Shad and is the Jannety of the group despite being the only one on the roster at the moment and on the roster longest.
Justin Gabriel - Great talent just underused.
Mason Ryan - WWE should give him another shot as he never really got a chance and hopefully he has improved in the ring by now.
Michael Mcguilicutty - He is a grwat hand and could develop into a great midcarder.
Percy Watson - Release he isn't that good in the ring or on the mic and without his Eddie Murphy style gimmick is boring as heel in everything he does.
Ted Dibiase - See McGuilicutty.
Tensai - Release WWE screwed him near enough beyond repair and it would take time to fix him but due to his age thats exactly what he doean't have...time.
Yoshi Tastu - Release or Repackage him and see if it works if it doesn't release him as their is at least a 100 more talented younget japanese wrestlers.


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