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Tony Tornado
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Re: 20 guys that have no reason to be on the roster...

Alex Riley- Has a lot of charisma. Could be a big star if he improves his ring work.
Hunico and camacho- Hunico is amazing and one of the most spectacular guys to watch in the ring. Camacho is mediocre and could easily be replaced.
Curt Hawkins- Very talented. Showed his potential on NXT. Will probably never get a chance to show his skills.
Derrick Bateman- Could be a very over comedy guy if given an opportunity.
Epico and primo- Both great workers (Primo is excellent) and you need true tag teams even if they're jobbers.
Evan Bourne- Seriously? He's super talented. If he lays off the pipe he'll be an over midcarder for life.
Ezekiel Jackson- Well, he's not talented but a guy his size is always helpful. With the right gimmick he could be useful.
Jack swagger- I'm not a fan of his but plenty of people are. He's a big guy who's a good worker. There's not plenty of those.
Jimmy and jey USO- Like Primo and Epico but as babyfaces. They deserve their spot.
Jtg- Good jobber both as a heel and as a face.
Justin Gabriel- Great worker, no charisma. Jobber for life.
Mason Ryan- Same as Ezekiel.
Michael mcguilicutty-Great worker. Apparently HHH likes him so if he gets a new gimmick he could turn into a good talent.
Percy Watson- He's talented but I feel he'll never amount to anything. Maybe as a comedy guy.
Ted dibiase- Agree with you. He has no redeeming qualities as far as I'm concerned.
Tensai- He's good where he is. Credible jobber.
Yoshi tastu- Obligatory japanese wrestler. He's funny on Santino's show and he's a good worker.

Jobbers are necessary. Most of the guys above have something to offer. They can't all be stars.
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