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Re: Khali vs Tensai this week, match of the year?

Originally Posted by The Rawk View Post
Some people refuse to acknowledge the truth about the match, either due to bitterness about Tensai losing, or flat-out hating of The Great Khali.

The match was the perfect example of amazing wrestling, coupled with brilliant storytelling, other-world psychology, incredible selling, and a finishing stretch that won't be forgotten for years to come. The two men put it all on the line to get a victory over the other. The action was smooth as fuck. The way they transitioned from move to move, hold to hold, puts a lot of technical match-ups like Angle/Benoit RR03 and Punk/Bryan OTL to shame. I love how they take a few seconds to size each other up before locking up. Trying to figure out a weakness in the other one's game. They give this match a big fight feel and the second they lock up, you knew shit was about to go down. It's not often Tensai is faced with a man bigger than him, and he's clearly not sure how to approach facing someone bigger and stronger than him at first, as he's pushed into the corner. That is grade A storyteliing right there. The psychology in the match, with Khali realizing Tensai's big-ass chest is an easy target and slapping it down with all his might was something that can't be written in. It had to of been improvised on the spot by a brilliant mind such as the Great Khali. Tensai's scream of pain and agony really sold the slaps and it's making me think Tensai may be a GOAT seller. Not even Rock taking a stunner or Ziggler taking... well... anything, could top Tensai's face after those slaps and the pain conveyed through it.

Khali's control segment is absolutely magnificent. The way he keeps Tensai in place to deliver those slaps was perfect. And the time he took before each slap to give the crowd a chance to shut-up and listen to the greatest slap in the world being executed is just a fabulous example of crowd control by the 7-foot monster. And when Tensai moves out of the way and Khali is walking towards him, it was giving me vibes of a horror/suspense movie. Khali just walking over there, building up the suspense, with Tensai being helpless to defend himself... I mean my gawd, who else in WWE can do that? And when Tensai gains control, he just shows a ferocity not quite seen in WWE in many many years... if ever. He just unloads on Khali with those headbutts and punches. This sequence was so great and realistic I actually think Tensai might have been really hitting Khali and trying to hurt him. Whether that's the case or not, I can't say as an indisputable fact. But you'd be hard-pressed to convince me otherwise. But that's the kind of acting matches are made out of. And the ref did his job great as well, struggling to move Tensai and his body language shows a great struggle to keep this match under control. THAT is what the greatest matches are made of.

And there's the classic finishing sequence. Tensai gets overconfident, gets off Khali, and gives him a few seconds to get up. This is a classic case of a villain getting undone by his own arrogance. Tensai, after giving Khali the ample time to recover, charges head first into Khali, which Khali counters with a HUGE big boot. At this point the match looks to be going either way and you could bet on either man to get the win. But then it comes, A KHALI CHOP OUT OF NOWHERE! A KHALI CHOP OUT OF NOWHERE! HOLY CRAP, NO WAY TENSAI IS KICKING OUT OF THAT! KHALI HOOKS THE LEG! 1-2-3! THE MATCH IS OVER! KHALI WINS! KHALI WINS! KHALI WINS! And let me give some credit to Tensai for his amazing selling once again. The way he sold the chop was like death. You'd actually believe he got a concussion from it or something. What a way to put over Khali's chop as a finisher.

All in all, it was a masterpiece of a match. We were all extremely lucky to get this gem on TV. Hopefully they face each other as many times as Barrett and Orton have faced each other, because I think they should have a best of 21 series or something. Maybe they can pull in the Hell in a Cell once again for Mania, so these two behemoths can give us a GOAT Hell in a Cell. This match is what wrestling is all about!

10 star match! **********!

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