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Re: Are you afraid for Obama's oath ?

Originally Posted by K.W.H. View Post
Lame. You can't even come up with your own insult.
Pretty sure I made a comment about your stupid post total on like your third day here. It was obvious from the start. Quantity over quality for you, as I have made obvious due to your lack of any type of logic inducing point. I'm not here to "insult" you. I'm here to debate you and make you see past your brain dead accusations.

EDIT: From 12/30/12

Originally Posted by Glass Shatters
Maybe if you'd tear yourself away from Wrestling Forum with your 40 posts a day, you'd use something other than that type of tortured logic. Simply tortured.
You have actually managed to up your average by 5. Just shaking my head.

Originally Posted by Stuart82 View Post
It's a pretty sad society you live in if you need to carry guns on you in public.
Yes, it's totally sad considering that any time one of you mongrels tries to make a point about the overwhelming gun crime in the United States, you use the murder statistic per 100,000. It is a pretty sad society, that I refuse to be a victim of. The fact that I carry a gun and don't commit random acts of violence with it goes to show that they aren't a bad thing.

What do you think that's actually going to achieve? If someone wants to hurt you or rob you it won't be a deterent and if that other person has a gun you or he or someone innocent could end up dying.
I don't know, look up "concealed carry saves lives" and then pipe back in when you have a half an ounce of education on the actual point that you're trying to argue, not just throwing out random hypothetical situations like Mardi Gras beads that work in my favor.

Is it worth it? For thousands of years before guns there was crime, it's human nature. Your not going to stop it.
Uh, exactly. So why are you trying to vilify guns again?

If you put less guns in society you'll have less chance of mentally ill people committing killings that seem to happen way to much in America which surprise surprise has guns everywhere.
What does that have to do with ME carrying a gun, though? Why are you straying away from defense of your actual point now?

That's what Americans dont understand less guns means less killings. You do not need guns living in suburbia. Those like glass shatters come across as the typical trying to be a hard nut i carry guns look how tough I am, obnoxious American the rest of the world snickers and laughs at.
I'm really not sure how you arrived at this conclusion, as I was simply responding to the claim that rednecks carry guns, when I'm not a redneck. Use things in context and read up on what you're arguing.

Simply saying: "less guns, less crime" might make it relevant in your feeble little mind, but there have been numerous threads in the past few months that go to show that you couldn't be more wrong. Or rather more flat out ignorant.

Originally Posted by Salt Upon Wounds View Post
I'm glad i don't have to live in that kind of enviroment. Seriously, how sad is that?
I agree. Look up New Orleans crime rate. Why would I subject myself to a 1 in 131 chance of being victim of a violent crime?

Originally Posted by VRsick View Post
You must have a tiny dick and probably got bullied in school.
Does the gun make you feel stronger and like a badass? You are probably the type of person who would get into an argument, challenge the person to fight, pull your gun on them and then call them a pussy.
I actually LOL'ed IRL at this one. This is starting to come to the forefront as the "go to" argument by liberals trying to vilify guns when their shitty ass stats and situations backfire on them.

"Oh, I'm wrong everywhere else...YOU MUST HAVE A SMALL DICK! :hhh", as you rage quit and throw personal insults into a debate where none was needed. Look at the context I used it in, you dunce. Are you the type of person who instigates name calling and (attempted) personal insults at actual people until someone stands up and bitch slaps you? Is that why you do it over the Internet now?

I think you should have to prove you are not a fucking psycho and are properly trained in how to handle a weapon safely before you can own one, after that, buy all the guns you want for whatever reason you feel.
I agree with you.

And to the people like the guy who brought his ar-15 into a store with him just because he can, fuck off. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. I can legally walk around covered in my own shit, doesn't mean i should. Just makes you an attention whore.
Agreed. Open carry serves its purpose, but concealed carry has more benefits, pistol wise. Carrying a rifle on your back is just bat shit retarded.

See how stupid you look right now when you and I agree for the most part? Talk about a complete dud of an argument. You were about as accurate as a scud missile.

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