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re: Tennis Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
I'm not denying the variety argument btw. Never have. I'm arguing your point about harder hitters not benefiting because of the slower courts. They're not benefiting because they're not adapting to the environment that they're playing in. The argument that someone like Wawrinka should have won that match against Djokovic is silly. Djokovic won because he was the better player on the day and won more sets on that court than Wawrinka. On a faster court Wawrinka probably would have had a better chance of winning. It wasn't on a faster court though and even if it was, Djokovic could have played a different game to adapt to the pace of the court. You can't make excuses for a guy like Ferrer doing better than a guy like Del Potro because of the court they're playing on. It's not like they turned up for this tournament and the courts were drastically slower than normal. The players who win Slams are the players who the best tennis on the given court. Ferrer does better than Del Potro because he has a better strategy for the game he's playing.

Don't give confused with me arguing against faster courts. Yeah it'd be nice if Wimbledon was faster so players have to change their strategy for each slam. They're not though so it's a dead argument complaining and Murray and Djokovic's success because of the environment they're playing in. You adapt your game to the environment, not the environment to your game.
They are not benefitting. The slower surfaces favour defensive players, there is no argument, just like Fast surfaces benefit attacking players. There is a reason as to why Nadal is the greatest Clay courter ever, and Sampras/Federer are the greatest grass courters ever. Slower surfaces favour defensive players, hence why defensive players win RG most often and offensive players won Wimbledon most often (although the slowing down of Wimbledon has made this less often) I agree that they should work on adapting better, I've said that before, but thats not the point. Anyway it's not just big hitters. Offensive isn't all about how hard you hit you know. Serve & Volley is offensive tennis and it's dying right before us.

Also, i'm not making excuses. I like Ferrer, but i realise that a lot of his success against offensive players (exception being Federer) is because his style of play works best on slow surfaces, which most surfaces are in todays game. And one of my favourite players, Del Potro is not a fast court player really. Del Potro likes to have big swings at the ball, which he won't get on fast surfaces, and also he wouldn't be able to retrive because of his poor movement. like i said, the best style in todays game is Grinding, just like the best style in the 90's was S&V.

Also, name one time where i said Murray & Djokovic's success is down to the court speed? I never said that once. Murray has done well on grass, and so has Djokovic, so i do recognise that. Your trying to put words into my mouth.


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