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re: Tennis Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
The courts aren't fast though. There's no point in saying a guy like Del Potro would have more success than Ferrer if they were. They aren't. If someone like Del Potro wants to have the success of a Djokovic then they have to adapt their game to the environment they're playing in. The defensive players didn't adapt in the 90's. They didn't win as much. You play to the current environment and nothing else. It's a different era and you can either develop a strategy to win in this era or play a different strategy which wont win you as much. I don't win as much because the courts are slow isn't a valid argument for lack of success. Can you imagine a player coming out and saying that?

Injuries happen regardless. Yeah they're might be a link between speed of courts and injuries but injuries will happen on fast courts too. They're inevitable. Nobody's probably arguing that point because nobody's a doctor.
But we are not players. We are fans of the sport. I don't want every player to be a grinder (which is the best tactic in modern tennis just like S&V in the 90's). If everyone does what you and NJ88 are implying then everyone will have the same style. I think your missing the point. To use another example, if every football team played like Barcelona then football would be boring. It's not about who will succeed btw. As much as i would like Tsonga to succeed, thats not the point of my argument. It's about having a better variety of matches. How can you be against that? Tournaments are way too predictable atm, and thats partly down to the courts. The only slam surface which isn't slow is Wimbledon (even though it's far slower than before), and guess what? It's the most unpredictable slam atm, which makes it more exciting. I'm not saying every court should be faster, i think that some courts should be faster to create more Variety in the sport.

As for injuries. Yes they will happen even if the courts are faster. But thats not what i'm saying. I'm saying that with slower courts, there's higher chance of injuries.

Originally Posted by Samoon View Post
You people are not getting what nazzac is saying. He isn't saying that the courts should very fast so that it can suit attacking players, he is just saying he wants to see variety in tennis, different styles. He thinks that the courts should be faster because the courts are too slow atm(which kind of benefits defensive players), he doesn't want players of a particular style to benefit.
^ This. At least someone knows what i'm trying to say



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