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re: Tennis Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
Well that's bullshit for starters. Yeah you need the athleticism to get to the ball but guys like Djokovic and Murray are still able to hit winners off returns most other players wouldn't even reach. That's like saying Usain Bolt could be an elite tennis player because he could reach every ball regardless of how he returns it.
That Bolt comparison is ridiculous, and you know it. I know what your trying to say, and i agree in a sense, but still the best athletes and movers that are having more success in todays game. Lets forget about the top for a second. Ferrer is a good example of what i'm saying. The players behind him, Berdych, Tsonga, Del Potro are better ballstrikers and more talented players, but Ferrer gets to almost everything. Now do you think that Ferrer would get to everything if the courts were faster? Not likely

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
They're not "perfect" shots then. So if that Wawrinka/Djokovic match took play at 90's Wimbledon then Wawrinka would have won. It didn't though. It took place at Aus Open 2013 on that court. That's like saying if Djokovic was only half as good as he is then Wawrinka would have won. You play to the environment you're in and everyone's equal. It's not even like it's a case of being impossible to hit winners. Put the ball in the right area of the court and you'll win points. If you're just blasting a ball as hard as you can then you won't.

Who hits the ball the hardest on the Womens Tour? Serena. Who's winning everything on the Womens Tour? Serena. It's not a case of one style being favoured by the Courts. The best players are still the best players.
I'm fed up of repeating myself, but people moaned about the courts in the 90's being too fast, and they changed them. Why didn't the defensive players adapt them? It's the same principle.

The question isn't about adapting, it's about having more variety on tour. If everyone adapts to slow courts, then we'll only have primarily defensive players, and that would be boring. I don't know about you guys, but i want to see variety in tennis. Serve & Volley is almost dead, and if the courts stay the same, then most players will be defensive baseliners, with a few offensive baseliners. Unless you Love defensive tennis and hate attacking tennis, then i don't see how you can be against court speed variety.

I also don't see an argument against injury issues. Do you want players knees to be blown out because of these courts?

And on Serena. Serena is on another level to everyone on the womens tour, and is also one of the best athletes in womens tennis, so that proves nothing really.

On another note. Federer has been great so far in this tournament. He's played some good players and hasn't looked like losing a set. Best player of the tournament so far


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