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Re: WWE 2013

WWE Monday Night Raw- 28 January 2013

**Video Package**

*Last Night- The Royal Rumble*

Jim Ross: And we are down to three men, John Cena, The Rock and Wade Barrett.

Cole: Cena with the Attitude adjustment... and he connects!

*Shots of Cena standing over Wade Barrett and The Rock*

Lawler: Cena has taken out both Barrett and The Rock!

*Shots of the masked man coming out of the crowd to attack Cena*

Lawler: Oh my God! Who is that?

*Cena being thrown out of the Rumble*

Cole: Whoever that was just cost Cena a main event at Wrestlemania

Ross: We are now down to two...

Lawler: Barrett up and- ROCK BOTTOM! ROCK BOTTOM!

Cole: Could this be... YES! The Peopleís Elbow!

Lawler: Now all The Rock has to do is throw Barrett out...

Ross: Rock with the chop... But Barrett hangs on!

Cole: Rock going for the clothesline- BUT BARRETT'S SENT HIM OVER!

Lawler: Heís done it!


*The Final Shots are of Wade Barrett pointing to the Wrestlemania sign*

**End of Video Package**

***Opening Pyro***

** Iíve had enough! **

The 2013 Royal Rumble winner makes his way out to the ring to open the show. After a huge amount of showboating, The Prince of the WWE picks up a microphone.

In the ring: Wade Barrett

After a long pause, Barrett finally speaks

Barrett: Over the past 24 hours, Iíve heard the same thing said over and over again. ďBarrett shocks the world by winning the Royal RumbleĒ. But theyíre wrong. I didnít ďShock the worldĒ. I did exactly what I told the world I was going to do. I outlasted thirty other superstars. And I won The Royal Rumble match, booking myself, my rightful place in the main event of Wrestlemania. Now, Iím sure all of you are wondering ďwho will he face at Wrestlemania?Ē Will I challenge for the World Heavyweight title or the WWE Title? Oh you poor stupid people. You see, my lawyers have reviewed the contract I received from winning The Royal Rumble Match. And Iím entitled to any match I want at Wrestlemania. And because of that, Iím not going to challenge for the WWE Title. Iím not going to challenge for the World Title. There is only one man worthy of facing me on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

Barrett: At Wrestlemania 29, I will face the Undertaker. And I will end the streak. And Deadman, Iím giving you one month to come to this ring and accept my challenge to my face. If you donít it will prove to the world that The Undertaker has finally met his match, and is too afraid of coming out and facing The Barrett Barrage. You have one month Deadman. One month to face your fate.

**Iíve had enough**

Barrett drops the mic and walks up the ramp. The crowd are shocked into silence by his announcement. The commentators reflect the shock as we go to commercials.

**Booyaka Booyaka 619**

Rey Mysterioís music hits to a big pop, as The Ultimate Underdog makes his return to Raw.

In the ring: Rey Mysterio

Mysterio: Itís taken more than a month, but Iím finally back. And I promise to all of you Iím here to stay. But there is one-

**Youíre only smoke and mirrors**

Cody Rhodeís music hits to interrupt Rey Mysterio. The Essence of Moustachioed Magnificence joins Rey Mysterio in the ring, and The Second Generation Star picks up a microphone.

Rhodes: Same old Rey Mysterio. The moment I saw that you were returning tonight, I knew the same old thing would happen. You come out here and you pander to these pathetic fans. You tell them how much they mean to you, and they raise their arms and cheer because Rey Mysterio has finally returned. Heís finally returned to keep living out the sad remnants of a career that should have ended years ago. How much time have you spent injured these past few years Rey? How many more injuries will it take before you finally stop wasting these peopleís time and throw in the towel? Why donít you just save everyone the bother and retire now.

Mysterio: You know, Iím not gonna just stand here and take this from you. If you really think I donít have what it takes anymore, why donít you prove it? Face me in a match right here, right now.

Rhodes: You want a match? Fine! Youíve got it.

The two superstars prepare as we go to commercial.

Match 1: Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio

Rhodes starts the match off strong, hitting the Masked Warrior with a plethora of suplexes. Rhodes soon goes for a disaster kick, which Mysterio dodges, then it is the Mexicanís turn to go on the offence. Mysterio hits a springboard crossbody on Rhodes, getting a two count. Mysterio goes to the top rope and goes for a seated senton, again getting a two count.

Mysterio gets to his feet, but before he can do further offence, Rhodes kills his momentum with a DDT. Rhodes picks up Mysterio for a back suplex, but The Ultimate Underdog counters into a bulldog! Mysterio uses a headscissor to set Rhodes up for the 619, but Rhodes gets out, and stops Mysterio in his tracks with a clothesline. Cody then hits a disaster kick on Rey, and covers...



But Mysterio lifts the shoulder! Rhodes picks Mysterio up for a Cross Rhodes, but Rey counters into a huricanarana DDT! Mysterio then waits for Cody to get up, before dropkicking him into the 619 position. Rey takes a run up and delivers his signature manoeuvre! Rhodes falls to his back on the mat, and Rey springboards off the top rope, connecting with his trademarked splash. Mysterio covers The Second Generation Star...




Winner via Pinfall: Rey Mysterio

Rhodes does not kick out and Rey Mysterio celebrates a win on his return to Monday Night Raw.


It is the most evil structure in the WWE.



Many men will do battle in it.

Putting their bodies, their careers on the line

But only a few will survive...

...The Elimination Chamber

WWE Elimination Chamber- 17/02/13

**End of Promo**

Match 2: WWE Tag Team Championship: Team Hell No! (Daniel Bryan & Kane) (c) vs The Usos (Jimmy & Jey)

As Team Hell No! Make their entrance; the commentators speculate over whether The Tag Team Champions will regret helping The Usos last night.

The Usos mark their signature entrance with a chilling Siva Tau, before charging to the ring, filled with energy and enthusiasm.

The match starts out fairly evenly, with both sides feeling each other out. However, Daniel Bryan soon tags in Kane, who unleashes on the Usos. Kane toys with Jimmy for a few minutes, hitting a variety of slams. Kane finally sets Jimmy up for a chokeslam, but Jimmy counters with a kick to the gut and a DDT. Jimmy crawls to his corner, and tags in Jey. Kane does the same with Daniel Bryan.

Jey hits Daniel with a swinging neckbreaker as soon as he enters the ring. Jey sets up the Alley-Us, but Bryan counters and hits a German suplex. Bryan stands over his downed opponent and delivers a jumping knee drop. The tag team champion works over his opponent, hitting him with a belly to back suplex and looking for the Yes! Lock.

Jey realises this and quickly counters, hitting Bryan with a superkick out of nowhere. Jey covers but the champion kicks out at two. Jey picks up Bryan to deliver further punishment, but Bryan counters immediately, and puts Jey in the Yes! Lock!

Jey screams with pain but digs down deep and edges to the ropes to break the hold! Bryan is obviously frustrated by this and stomps on Jey a few times, before heading to the top rope...

Bryan dives off the top turnbuckle with a diving headbutt, but Jey moves out of the way at the last second and Daniel Bryan hits the mat! Jey summons all his remaining energy and leaps to his feet. Bryan gets to his feet too, but Jey Uso is ready. Jey picks up Daniel and hits the Alley-Us! The challenger covers the champion...




Winners via Pinfall and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: The Usos!!!!!!!!!

Jimmy leaps into the ring to hug his brother, and now fellow tag team champion! ďSo Close NowĒ blares over the speakers as The Usos celebrate their first ever title in the WWE. Rikishi comes out from backstage, making a special appearance to congratulate his sons in the middle of the ring. We go to commercial with Rikishi holding both of his sonsí arms in victory!

Up next: We here from The Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston about The Mizís attacks on him last night at The Royal Rumble

In the ring: Kofi Kingston

Kofi: Last night, I eliminated The Miz from The Rumble fair and square. But afterwards, he attacked me, and hit me with the skull crushing finale onto the floor. Trust me Iím still feeling it now. But Miz, I understand. I understand it was the heat of the moment, and you were angry about being eliminated. So all I ask is for you to come out here, be a man about and apologize. Then we can all move on.

**I came to play! **

The Mizís music hits and the awesome one comes to the ring and grabs a mic.

The Miz: Really Kofi? Really? Really? Really? You want me to apologize? Really? Apologize for what? Hurting you a little last night? Thatís what happens in this business, deal with it. Or is it something more that you have a problem with? Is it the fact that I stopped pandering to all these worthless, miserable people here? Is that it? I tried desperately trying to please these pathetic losers. I tried it. But what did that get me? Any championship gold? No. Any Pay per View main events? No again. Iíll tell you what it got me. A commentary position on WWE Main Event is what it got me. No gold, no main events, but a place on the commentary team. And you really have the nerve to ask why I did what I did. But I will rise again, starting with taking your Intercontinental title. BECAUSE IíM THE MIZ! AND IíM-

The Miz stops mid sentence and kicks Kofi Kingston in the stomach. The Awesome One picks up the IC Champ and delivers an emphatic Skull Crushing Finale! The most must see superstar in the WWE then picks up the microphone once more.


**I came to play! **

The Miz walks off, up the ramp, leaving an unconscious Kofi in the ring as we go to commercials.

Highlights: Brock Lesnar and Triple Hís brawl at The Royal Rumble last night.
Next week: Triple H will be on Raw to address Brock Lesnar!

Match 3: Ryback vs Titus OíNeil w/ Darren Young

Titus is surprisingly, large and strong enough to go toe-to-toe with Ryback. However, Big Hungry soon proves to be the stronger of the two, and the more skilled in the ring. Ryback throws Titus OíNeil into the ringpost, shoulder first. Big Hungry then hits The Real Deal with a running powerslam. Darren Young, seeing his partnerís predicament, gets up on the ring apron to assist. Ryback sees this, leaves Titus and goes straight for Darren Young. Ryback spears Young off the apron, which sends him crashing into the barrier at ringside. Ryback then turns his attentions back to Titus OíNeil, who is getting back to his feet. Ryback picks up the 270 pounder with ease, and marches him around the ring before finally delivering Shellshocked to his opponent. Ryback covers...




Winner via Pinfall: Ryback

Still to come tonight: We hear from John Cena about the mystery man who attacked him last night

Match 4: Divas Championship: Kaitlyn (c) vs Eve

Kaitlyn starts the match off strongly, having gained even more confidence from her title win last night.

After a minute or two of dominance from the champion, Eve fights back with a DDT. Eve hits her opponent with a collection of moves including a vertical suplex and a bootysault. But Kaitlyn keeps kicking out. Eve grows more and more frustrated with each kickout by the champion, and eventually heads to the top turnbuckle. Eve goes for the moonsault, but Kaitlyn gets her knees up at the last second, and Eveís writhes away in pain. Kaitlyn uses the ropes to pull herself to her feet, and waits for the challenger to rise. Eve eventually does so... and is met with a spear from Kaitlyn!
Kaitlyn covers her challenger...




Winner via Pinfall and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Kaitlyn!

While Kaitlyn is celebrating in the ring, Eve rolls out to ringside and picks up a microphone...

Eve: Iím sick off the way I get treated here. Iím sick of the Divas, Iím sick of Teddy Long and Iím sick of all of you people! I... I Quit!

Eve drops the mic and storms off up the ramp, while a group of fans chant ďNa na na na. Na na na na. Hey hey hey. Goodbye.Ē

Coming up next: John Cena addresses the WWE Universe

**My time is now**

Cenaís familiar entrance music plays and an unsmiling Cenation leader comes down to the ring.

In the ring: John Cena

John Cena: Last night someone cost me The Royal Rumble match. I donít know who that person is. I donít know what I did to make them want to attack me. Although, in my time here in the WWE Iíve made my fair share of enemies. I could analyze it all I want. These past 24 hours Iíve been thinking through who it could have been. The Shield? Possibly but it doesnít seem like them at all. The Shield are all too egotistical to hide behind a mask. They want people to know about their attacks. Another possibility is that-

**Iím here to show the world! **

Dolph Zigglerís music hits and the World Heavyweight Champion joins Cena in the ring accompanied by his entourage of Big E Langston and AJ Lee.

Ziggler: What the hell is this? An entire segment of this show is dedicated to letting you talk about your conspiracy theories, when the main talking point, was this.

Ziggler gestures to the titantron, and a clip plays of Dolph Ziggler cashing the Money in the Bank Briefcase in on Alberto Del Rio.

Ziggler: Last night, I made history! And you know what else. I did something you couldnít do. I actually won something by cashing in my Money in the Bank briefcase, while you are the only superstar in history not to. How does it feel John? How does it feel to be a failure?

Cena: At least I chose to cash in my Money in the Bank honestly.

Ziggler: Honestly? Thatís the best you could come up with to mask you failure. Hereís the truth for you. Last night you lost. Last night I won. When you cashed in the Money in the Bank Briefcase, you failed. When I did it, I won. You havenít held a title in nearly eighteen months. I am the World Heavyweight Champion.

**Itís a shame for they lost their heads! **

Sheamusí music hits and the Fighting Irishman comes to the ring.

Sheamus: Dolph, why donít you just shut already? We get it. You won a match against someone who had taken the beating of their life. Until you defend that title in a fair fight, you wonít be a true World Champion.

Cena: Sheamus is right. You donít deserve that title until you earn it. Which is why I have a proposal for you. How about you start proving you deserve to hold that title tonight. You and your brainless lunk over there against the two of us. In this ring. Right now!

Ziggler: You know what, you two want a fight? Youíve got one!

Before Cena or Sheamus can react, Ziggler hits Cena with the World title Belt and Langston goes after Sheamus. Ziggler joins in the attack on Sheamus having laid out Cena. Langston holds Sheamusí arms behind his back and Ziggler prepares to hit him with the World title belt...


Alberto Del Rioís music hits and the former World Champion runs down to the ring. Del Rio goes after Ziggler, while Sheamus fights off Big E. Ziggler thumbs Del Rio in the eye and slides out of the ring and up the ramp, title belt in hand. Sheamus tosses Big E. Out of the ring as Zigggler and his Entourage retreat.

Sheamus offers his hand to Del Rio who begrudgingly accepts.


**Cult of Personality**

CM Punkís theme hits and the WWE Champion comes out for his victory speech.

In The Ring: CM Punk & Paul Heyman

After garnering a great deal of heat from the audience, Punk pics up the mic and speaks.

Punk: Last night I proved to all of you yet again that I am the greatest WWE Champion of all time. Last night I beat The Rock in the middle of this ring. I was the first man to pin the Rock in over a decade. But Iím not here to come out here and tell you all how great I am. You already know how great I am. No, tonight Iím here to talk about something in three weeks time. The Elimination Chamber. You see, Wade Barrett has already announced who he will be facing at Wrestlemania. And so there is a need to find out who deserves to face me for this title on The Grandest Stage of Them All. Thatís why, in three weeks time, six men will step into the chamber, and I will not be one of them. The Chamber match will be for the right to face me and nothing else. I-

**IF YA SMMMMEEEEELLLLLL... What The Rock... Is Cookiní **

The Rockís music hits to a huge ovation and The Peopleís Champion comes face to face with CM Punk in the ring.

Punk: What are you doing here? Perhaps you donít recall. You lost. I. Beat. You. Can you remember that Rocky? Or did my GTS give you memory loss?

Rock: No youíre right Punk. You did beat me last night. Albeit with a certain amount of help that for whatever reason you havenít mentioned yet. But regardless of help, The Rock lost last night. But The Rock didnít just pack his bags and leave. Oh no. The Rock realized that if he leaves, the WWE will be stuck with The Shield running rampant all over the company, attacking everyone in sight. And if The Rock leaves the WWE would be stuck with CM Punk as Champion. And The Rock canít just abandon his People like that. So The Rock goes to Vince McMahon. And The Rock points out these problems. And Good old Vinnie Mac agrees with The Rock. So he asks The Rock what he can do about it. And so The Rock pitches Vince McMahon and idea. And Vince McMahon agrees.

Rock: And because of that CM Punk... You are looking at the new... General Manager of Monday Night Raw!

The crowd have a huge reaction to this. Punk yells in disagreement.

Punk: You canít do that-

Rock: -CM Punk... know your role and SHUT YOUR MOUTH! You will be in action at the Elimination Chamber. And you will be defending that title around your waist. And it will be inside The Elimination Chamber itself! Against these five men... The Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Ryback and JOHN CENA!!!

Huge pop at this announcement!

Rock: But that is... if you make it to Elimination Chamber. Because you see CM Punk, next week on Raw, to mark The Rockís first full night in charge... you will compete against Ryback, inside a steel cage... for the WWE Title!

Another huge pop, CM Punk is absolutely fuming.

Rock: Oh and one more thing Punk, I have something for you, a gift, for our future business relationship...

Rock drops the mic and instantly Rock Bottoms CM Punk!!!!

We fade to black with shots of the new General Manager of Raw standing over a fallen CM Punk!

Quick Results:

Rey Mysterio def Cody Rhodes
The Usos def Team Hell No to win the WWE Tag Team Championship
Ryback def Titus OíNeil
Kaitlyn def Eve to Retain the Divas Championship

Raw Next Week:

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Title: CM Punk vs Ryback

Elimination Chamber Card so far:

Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship: CM Punk vs John Cena vs Ryback vs Rey Mysterio vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston

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