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Re: ADR is over.

I dont care he is over or not. I hated him as a heel same as a face. He just cannot cut a decent promo, and that mexican shit does not working for me, surprisingly, it drives me away from him, like "oh he is latino, so he is better than me or what WWE tryin to say?" Fuck it. Its sad if this reign is going to be not filler, because del rio is not talented enough to be in the main event. He should be jobber to the stars.

Anyway i dont say he is not a draw, he may be bigger draw than punk. But still i never liked this guy and never will.

I hate then guy is handed everything to him and done nothing to deserve or prove that he is great one. The fact is he is not. I dont say cody/wade etc should be champ, i dont like them either. The champs should be complete packages like punk,jericho, rock, hhh, etc. Even bigshow i would say. I hated bigslow, but he proved even then he is old he still can do it. Great mic skills, unique looks, can have a match.

Why WWE makes sheamus/adr/barrets etc the champs? I dont understand. All of them suck. The only newcommer which surprised me is Cesaro. He is great wrestler, has the looks, the only thing holding him back is fucking shitty foreigner gimmick. He is not great on the mic, but he can improve imo, o just give him a heyman type manager.

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