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Re: Most Disappointing WrestleMania Match Of All Time?

Probably Goldberg Vs. Lesnar. I am not a huge fan of either guy as far as their work rate goes, but as attractions, they can be presented in an exciting way. Lesnar Vs. Goldberg is one of those matches that when you pitch it to me, I go "Whoa! I could book that one move for move"

And with Austin as referee it allows for anything because he's not going to DQ anybody. This was something they did not take advantage of.

I pictured a spot where Goldberg would spear Lesnar through the security wall after a huge brawl outside the ring. I pictured a spot where Lesnar would F-5 Goldberg and then tease the Shooting Star Press again. Not have him do it (we don't want Lesnar to almost kill himself again) but have that moment where he looks at the turnbuckle and make sure the announcers make the call (it was JR so, yeah he'd get it) and it would connect in the crowd's mind as well. And then of course Godlberg powerslams him off the top. I also would have tried to bring in some of Goldberg's traditional moves from WCW to spice it up a bit, like his rolling leg lock move. Maybe also work in Lesnar's F-5 into the ring post. Basically just try to make the match wild & full of power displays from both guys.

Actually, an example of what this match should have probably been: Go back and watch Goldberg Vs. Scott Steiner from Fall Brawl 2000. That was more indicative of what you would expect from putting two power guys like that in the ring together.

But no. It leaked that Lesnar was leaving and we already knew Goldberg was leaving, so the fans in attendance just started shitting on it from the start and neither guy seemed to give a fuck about putting a good match on their way out anyway. And neither guy knew how to use the heat to their advantage. If I were Lesnar, I would have let the chants go for a few seconds then jumped outside the ring, grabbed the mic and said "screw you people, I'm bigger than this damn company" or something like that just to keep the heat on the match rather than on outside stuff.

But alas, it was a disaster. At the time, I thought it was the worst Mania match in history, but then Vince Vs. Bret at 26 and Cole Vs. Lawler from 27 happened. Ick.


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