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Re: Are you afraid for Obama's oath ?

Originally Posted by Glass Shatters View Post
<- Carries gun at all times, whether it be concealed carry or open carry. Did it before all of this nonsense kicked off, and the fact that I continue to do it does not make me a redneck, either. Deal with it. Not that you would see me, or anyone else actually carrying a gun in person with your own eyes, what with averaging 45 posts a day and all.
It's a pretty sad society you live in if you need to carry guns on you in public. What do you think that's actually going to achieve? If someone wants to hurt you or rob you it won't be a deterent and if that other person has a gun you or he or someone innocent could end up dying. Is it worth it? For thousands of years before guns there was crime, it's human nature. Your not going to stop it. If you put less guns in society you'll have less chance of mentally ill people committing killings that seem to happen way to much in America which surprise surprise has guns everywhere. That's what Americans dont understand less guns means less killings. You do not need guns living in suburbia. Those like glass shatters come across as the typical trying to be a hard nut i carry guns look how tough I am, obnoxious American the rest of the world snickers and laughs at.
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