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Re: Are you afraid for Obama's oath ?

Originally Posted by Panther View Post
Obama is acting like the sane adult in the room. Everyone else thinks this is some black and white issue and won't even consider talking about guns. Period.
Pretty sure a lot of discussion about guns has been going on.

I blame both parties but the Republicans are the main instigators. They will grind this country to a halt just to make a political point.
How does defending freedoms = grinding the country to a halt? (not that I think of the GOP as actually interested in preserving freedoms at all, but in the case of gun rights they're more reasonable than the other guys)

The NRA is instigating the problem. In the hands of the gun lobbyists. They don't care about the 2nd Amendment. They care about PROFITS!
The only problem is that Obama is trying to pass new gun control laws, even though areas with less gun control have lower violence, and the areas with all-out gun BANS have the HIGHEST gun violence (Chicago and New York), so no, the NRA isn't instigating the problem. They are reacting to the problem. And as far as I'm concerned, the NRA are a bunch of pussies. Give me Gun Owners of America any day. As for the NRA's motivations, who cares?

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