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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

JAM’s Review

I really liked the opening because it was pretty unconventional for the start of RAW. You’ve got Bischoff’s character down to a tee so it’s been a joy reading how you write for him and that didn’t change here. I did think it was a little weird for Bischoff to get a pop from the fans when he announced the ‘Tista/Kane matchup. But then you added the line about him doing what’s good for business and for the people so that line kind of saved it. Then he goes right back to being that sinister GM we’ve come to know by giving HBK a “warm-up” match, good golly. Ultimate jobber team right there. Knew HBK would pull out the win here and the attack at the end was just booking 101. Hassan and his cronies are looking like major heels after this attack, good job. Hassan “saving” HBK was a nice touch as well, good opening to the show!

Very strong promo from the Dudleyz here. It was great seeing Bubba get his word in since we now know he’s a pretty good promo man because of his TNA run. Well anyway, what I like about it the most is that Devon got his say in as well. Oh Testify! Nothing really you can fault here, it was a very enjoyable promo. Only gripe I have is that maybe Grisham talked too much? I don’t know. I’ve seen it a lot in other threads as well when the interviewer talks a whole lot, maybe it’s just me nitpicking.

Actually like the fact that the brawl occurred here. These two are pretty much done with each other so enough talking and more fighting. I hope their feud ends at Unforgiven to be honest. However, I was looking for maybe Batista or even Kane to have sold the effects from last week because a spear off the stage is no joke, that probably hurts a whole lot. So maybe play to the fact that they’re not a 100% yet. As for the divas, Lita has always been a favorite of mine and Victoria as well so I’m looking forward to seeing those ladies lock horns. Any storylines that include the divas is a win for me since now the divas division is pretty much a joke. Was really diggin’ that promo from Lita too.

Oooooh, more tension in the ranks of WGTT. This could potentially be a really good feud if you decide to turn someone which I expect to happen. Really like the psychology you got going here with both guys being apologetic then later Haas rescinds his emotions back to frustration. So Christian goes from beating Flair to feuding with both Edge and Jericho, not bad if you ask me. I do think you need to be careful how you handle this. All three guys are stars and will be in the main event but after this feud, one or possibly two of them may not be as strong as they were coming into this feud. I’m a fan of all three guys so I hope you got a solid plan as to how this entire feud will go. Whoever you choose to come out on top, I’m with you but…..Christian please! Now here I think you did good with the interview since Maria didn’t talk a whole lot. Onto the Regal promo though, everything he said was on point. Even talking about the tension within WGTT was a nice touch as it really shows that there’s something wrong between the two. You used Regal well in putting over Jindrak but Benjamin as well. I did kind of want to see Jindrak say his piece in, maybe give him a catchphrase or something. But then again, he isn’t much of a talker but I do hope we hear something from him soon.

I dig this segment with Bischoff and the Entity. Here, you put over Hassan and the Entity well while also announcing a big match against the world champion. The Entity are certainly moving up the ladder, great to see that. It’s just genius the promos that are going to come up now that Christian, Edge, and Jericho are feuding. That line that said “I’m right here Chris, do somethin’ then, do somethin’ about it.”had me laughing all the way through Hmm, Goldust huh? Ehh, could be good for the midcard, I like him.

More brawling with ‘Tista and Kane? Just let them go at it already! The main event has to be explosive if these two have gone at it this much already. WOOO! Mr. Kennedy promo. I honestly can’t wait to see what you have in store for him. He could’ve been a big star in the WWE until his push was shattered so here’s hoping you do him some justice on that end. Really like the tweener alignment that you’ve given him, suits him well. But I’m thinking he’ll have to be face or heel sooner rather than later.

The main event was utter chaos even before it started, love it! It seemed a little too overbooking for me with Haas suddenly arriving. But I guess we’ll eventually find out why that occurred next week. I can see next week being the week where WGTT truly starts to fall apart. Kane and Batista are just ruthless, I’m kind of likin’ this from them now. But I do still think that after Unforgiven, their feud should be over. That extra bit from HBK gave me chills. He’s such a good character to write for and you know exactly how to write for him, it’s great. But yeah, this was a little unexpected. Kinda makes the Entity look a little weak but I’m sure you have something in store for this so I’m not worrying.

On the whole, it was quite an enjoyable episode of RAW. The WGTT tension was my favorite part alongside the stuff that went down with the three Canadians. The World Title picture is heating up and that’s always a good thing. You got a lot of good stuff going on and not a lot of bad stuff, in fact nothing bad at all. Except maybe making some guys look a little weak but that’s fine. Good job!

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