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Default Re: why has no one considered this?

Originally Posted by RenegadexParagon View Post
Why would anyone?

Now, let's think about this: Who would I rather win a Rumble? 1. A jobber like Morrison to face a midcarder like Ziggler for the WHC. Or 2. A super over young guy like Ryback who will eventually carry the company.

Such a hard decision!

Ryback will be jobbing in 6 months. I would rather see Cena with the WWE championship for 3 years straight, than Ryback for 1 week.

Ryback is a charisma-less unsafe botching machine, who was handed a brilliant gimmick, and even now, the casuals are starting to not care about his ass.

And he looks like a rapist. See that face on a mug? No - more likely a mug shot.

So untalented, ugly, cannot talk, cannot wrestle for more than 30 seconds without getting winded - and you see him as the face of the future!!!

Vince should have waited, and used that gimmick on someone worthy.
John Cena.

Truly the most epic heel ever. He turns brother against brother, father against son, with his "faithful" blinded by his demonic charisma. Seriously, he is like the Antichrist in revelations, sowing discord and dissension among families and generations.

John Cena is the bringer of the end times, to the wwe universe.
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