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Re: why has no one considered this?

Originally Posted by RenegadexParagon View Post
Why would anyone?

Now, let's think about this: Who would I rather win a Rumble? 1. A jobber like Morrison to face a midcarder like Ziggler for the WHC. Or 2. A super over young guy like Ryback who will eventually carry the company.

Such a hard decision!

Ryback will be jobbing in 6 months. I would rather see Cena with the WWE championship for 3 years straight, than Ryback for 1 week.

Ryback is a charisma-less unsafe botching machine, who was handed a brilliant gimmick, and even now, the casuals are starting to not care about his ass.

And he looks like a rapist. See that face on a mug? No - more likely a mug shot.

So untalented, ugly, cannot talk, cannot wrestle for more than 30 seconds without getting winded - and you see him as the face of the future!!!

Vince should have waited, and used that gimmick on someone worthy.

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