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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

KotBTB Tournament? DONE.

Newsletter/Awards? DONE.

This is Exile/computer problems? DONE.

Wow, that's a lot of distractions. But nonetheless, they're all completed and out of the way now, giving me room to get this baby back on track. Thanks in bunches for the feedback, cp, and congrats to you on your well-deserved Breakout Booker status. At that, I greatly appreciate everyone who voted for me in any category during the Awards, although I still don't believe I should've co-won Best Thread. And speaking of cp, I'll be sure to get some feedback circulated to many peeps so I can do what some in the Newsletter wanted and that was spread the love to more people. I'll eventually get around to the predics contest winner so they can tell me their prize. Oh, and Jiggypuff Melvis, you still owe me a coronation ceremony, btw.

So with all that mumbo jumbo out of the way, I wanna get this thing swingin' again. And to start that, here's one of my new favorite things to post - dropping loads of information on you guys at once.

Spoiler for Latest string of news:
Originally Posted by The Informer
~Following the unveiling of the War Chamber and the entire deal with This is Exile, the Outer Limits obviously becomes a focal point not just because it’s the next upcoming Pay Per View in just six weeks, but because the Offseason begins immediately after that. As we’ve mentioned in earlier reports, the Trios Tournament was most likely started as a way to get a bunch of guys on TV before said Offseason to get one final hefty check. Also be on the lookout for nearly every story of the past year wrapping up in some way either going into or at the PPV itself.

~While This is Exile numbers are still being crunched and thus far unavailable, there’s already some injury news going around, almost all of it straight out of the War Chamber. The most notable of these is that the shoulder surgery Bobby Lashley put off since coming to AOW can no longer be put off anymore and he’ll be out until after the Offseason getting surgery and recovering. Both CM Punk and Ken Doane reportedly needed stiches pertaining to their injuries, although neither is anything serious. Samoa Joe, meanwhile, was apparently suffering from an elbow injury before going in the Chamber, thus his short performance in it. While nothing truly debilitating, sources say Joe was always going to be limited to avoid the further aggravating of the injury.

~Beyond those four injuries, Bryan Danielson’s orbital bone injury was re-aggravated and focused on by commentators and cameramen when it came about. Fan rumblings are going around that it was to display the brutality of the Chamber as well possibly the clumsiness of Paul Wight, but there are reports backstage saying it wasn’t out of carelessness that the former Big Show re-injured Danielson, but out of request. Evidently, Danielson asked that Wight open him back up in his own choice to display the brutality and put over the cast worn by Wight. No word on whether this holds any weight of truth or not.

~In other ‘careless’ news, one of the more gripping injury stories is potentially Super Crazy, who was dropped straight on his head after what appeared to be a botch from Brent Albright. This normally wouldn’t be that big of a deal (although we’d wish Crazy a speedy recovery), but reports are going around that the team of the Mexicools and Aero Star were going to put on an extended showing in the upcoming Trios Tournament which may be nixed now that Crazy’s health is in question.

~Going back to Wight, talks have evidently picked up between he and his former employer, the WWE. One rumor going around is that extended talking time with Wight was one of the conditions the ‘E wanted when they allowed William Regal to walk out of his WWE contract prematurely and head right on over to AOW. Wight possibly on the way out, as well as Bobby Lashley’s injury and he and Muhammad Hassan’s waning interest in the professional wrestling business, may put a large heel portion of the AOW roster in check going into and coming out of the Offseason.

~The other huge thing that’s been looked towards besides the Offseason itself is now the AOW Dynasty Tournament, which is the huge 32-man single elimination style tourney announced at This is Exile. The whole tourney is to take place during the entire month of June as one big reset button for the new ‘season’, only to be capped off in what we think will be a 3-hour Supershow entitled “Rise of a Dynasty”. The winner, as advertised, is to get a main event opportunity at the one-year anniversary show in August. This could potentially put a dent in any plans “Offseason cleaning” the roster holds until after the first rounds of the Tournament. There’s no word exactly on the format of the Tournament.

~OVW news regarding the Offseason, however, seems to be bright. OVW TV has been advertising a “Breakthrough Tournament” of their own to take place during the Offseason . The winner of that Tournament will guarantee themselves a spot in the AOW Dynasty Tournament so we’re being told.

~And finally, in other OVW and possible Women’s division news, those with a keen knowledge of wrestling at This is Exile could identify the blond haired woman in American colors that caught Nick Nameth’s eye was former DSW and FCW Diva Shantelle Taylor. The chances of this being a one-shot appearance is quite slim, seeing as how Taylor has been in OVW for several months. Taylor was released from FCW in mid-August before going back to OVW and apparently catching the eye of the AOW officials. What this means for future women in AOW are largely unknown, but we should at the very least be expecting to see her again.

Until next time friends, this has been The Informer…

Originally Posted by aohbuya.com

Keeping in the spirit of the unpredictability of war itself, Art of War Wrestling has long confirmed that the AOW Trios Tournament will start this Wednesday night on Oblivion, but teams have until the moment their match starts to actually set their teams! There’s some serious recruiting going on in the AOW locker room, and you the viewers will get the full brunt of that competition! But before the Trios Tournament begins, we need to lay a few ground rules. Here now are the special rules regarding the AOW Trios Tournament:

Teams will be composed of three members each, with one person being named as the team’s “captain”.

The role of “captain” cannot change during the match, but it may change between matches (i.e. the named captain does not have to remain captain all the way through the Tournament)

In order to win a Trios match, a team must either 1) eliminate two members of the opposing team or 2) eliminate the team captain


If you missed it at This is Exile, Muhammad Hassan showed up in person to let Mick Foley know that not only had his lawyers successfully appealed his suspension set a few weeks ago, but that Hassan’s demand for a rematch for his Dynasty Championship would be met. And he’ll be cashing in that rematch…THIS WEDNESDAY!! Amidst all the fallout from This is Exile, we will have a guaranteed title defense! Will CM Punk’s resolve be too much for Hassan to handle once again? Or will Hassan be able to capitalize just four days after Punk went through hell in the War Chamber??


This week on the .com exclusives, it’s all about bonus This is Exile footage regarding the Trios Tournament. The World’s Greatest Tag Team want a respectful new challenge, The Mercenaries have a new business associate, their old associate has new associates, and the Sons of the Dungeon have a new coach. We also have an extra scoop exclusive, as Robert Szatowski has to take a closer look at himself following the breaking of a friend.

Spoiler for Mercenaries Under New Management:

We’re brought back to This is Exile, where in the backstage wings enters William Regal, Brent Albright, and Paul Burchill. Regal has his head turned talking to both men, leading them into a locker room area

…and so that’s why I’m more of a logical choice.

Look, old man, we don’t care why you’re the more logical choice. If your logic doesn’t make us more money, than you may as well be the stupidest man on the planet.

Right, right, of course.
~Regal doesn’t look intimidated at all, looking more sarcastic than anything

So what kind of job do you want us to do?

Job? You do whatever job I tell you to do. What, you think I’m paying you for your services?

Well you’d better or this isn’t gonna end well, old man.
~Albright and Burchill get waaay to close for comfort, almost smothering Regal here, but he remains cool headed

No need for this barbarianism, gentlemen. If I recall your oath, you are ‘civil first, savages second’, no?

Yeah. But when you don’t have the money, civility doesn’t even make it into the picture.
~Before Burchill can stop him, Albright tries to FIRE A PUNCH Regal’s way, but without even flinching, Regal catches it.

I promised to make you more money. I never said the money was mine to give you. I didn’t come to this company to blindly take men out for you gentlemen to have a reason to be paid. I came here to make sure you boys get top dollar from everyone else.

You mean…like…a manager?

One that’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.
~On that, Burchill gives Albright a look, prompting him to drop his fist from out of Regal’s face, both Mercs backing away

Alright. You have our attention. What’s your idea?

Well, it’s not so much an idea as it is an observation. You men have backstabbed everyone you’ve worked with. If you continue, no one or their mother will want to do business with you. My solution is to give this team a little more…prestige.

And how do you figure you do that?

Simple. We win the AOW Trios Tournament trophy. Show the world how unified we are. We rebrand ourselves. With me here, you are no longer a group of Neanderthals doing what you want, but now you will be doing what’s best for your new company. With that trophy in tow, the world will know exactly what we’re capable of.

Woh, woh, woh – new company?

Why yes. If you want people to consider you more seriously, we give ourselves a brand new label. We are Mercenaries, Inc. Civil first. Savages second. Businessmen always. Do I have your allegiance, gentlemen?
~Regal sticks out both of his hands, which prompts Albright to take a look towards his mentor. Burchill stares through Regal hard before hesitantly shaking his hand, which prompts Albright to shake the other

You’d better be able to put up a good fight.

I can assure you, mate, I’ll do more than that. It’s just…good business.
~Regal pats both men on the backs before walking back out the room, leaving Burchill and Albright to wonder if they’re doing the right thing here…

Spoiler for Silent But Deadly:

The first thing we see in the scene is a shot of two guys grappling in the middle of a ring, but they’re exchanging moves so fast that we can’t actually tell who they are. We can tell one is larger than the other, but they counter each other so much that they go from move to move almost as one. We don’t get a look at either of their faces until the smaller one is hoisted up by the larger one in a military press, where we get to see it is actually Harry Smith, his ribs seemingly healed with no medical tape.

We assume he’s hoisting up TJ Wilson, who actually slides down his partner’s back out of the press and catches him in a sunset flip pin that Smith quickly gets out. Both men then spring back to their feet and stop, stalemating, allowing us to get a confirming shot that they are indeed both members of the Sons of the Dungeon. They both wipe some of the sweat from themselves and give each other a sportsmanlike hug before someone we haven’t seen in a while steps in the middle of them…

Lance Storm:
Fellas…I don’t think the Tag Team Champions are gonna know what hit’em.
~All three men smile for a moment before Wilson chimes in

You sure you’re ready to compete again, Storm?

I wouldn’t be a Dungeon grad if I rolled over that easily. Now get ready to go again.
~Storm pats both men on the back before leaving the ring and allowing both men to go back to opposite corners. We fade away as both men approach center ring with a lock-up, as their training continues…

Spoiler for Carlito Gets a Cool New Gang:

Back in the backstage area of This is Exile, Carlito Colon is seen virtually walking on sunshine, talking to the mask of Aero Star that’s still in his hand after his sinisterly sneaky win earlier in the evening. Carlito is almost giggling as he plays with the thing, but his little party is interrupted when he’s suddenly flanked on both sides by both members of the Samoan Fight Club

Hey, what’s up, guys? Look, Carlito can even make this thing talk –
~Colon continues to goof off with the mask, sticking his hand underneath it and giving it a mouth, but it gets snatched off his hand by Manu…grabbing it with his teeth?

HEY! Carlito stole that fair an’ square!

If you want it back, you’ll listen to what we have to say.

Carlito doesn’t know if he wants it back now. It’s got beast boy’s slobber all over it.
~Carlito points towards Manu, who gets in ‘lito’s face and scares him stiff when he growls

Soooo…what’s this about?

You might’ve just won that match, but it was a lot harder after The Mercenaries left you alone, right?

Oh, yeah. Those bastards left Carlito high an’ dry. But Carlito’s jus’ that good, he didn’t even need them.

But they did completely turn their back on you.

…yeah. They did. An’ das not cool. Das not cool at all.
~Carlito goes from somewhat easy going to being legitimately pissed

But that’s got to do with Carlito. What’s that gotta do with ju’ two?

See, we want in on this…‘guns for hire’ business. We don’t even care about the money. We just wanna hurt people because we can.

An’ the Mercenaries are stopping ju’…?

They’re our…business competition, you could say. They own the turf so far.

So tak’em out. Those bastards deserve it after leaving Carlito like that.

So you’ll join us?

Join ju’ do what?

Take’em out. We want’em gone. You got a grudge. We’d work too well together.
~Carlito rubs his goatee in thought…

Das cool. Das really cool. But ju’ know what’s even cooler? Takin’ ‘em out in front of everybody. On a stage. Like the Trios Tournament. Carlito would bet all the money he just lost on them that they’ll be there with their new pendejo.
~Carlito almost seethes mentioning them leaving him for Regal

I like the way you think, ‘lito.

Carlito likes the way he thinks too. So…can Carlito have this back now?
~Carlito finally turns back to Manu, who still has the blue mask of Aero Star in his teeth, still fleshing his teeth and breathing heavily

Ju’ know what? Keep it.

So Manu, what’re we gonna do to the Mercenaries when we meet’em in the Trios Tournament?

~The mask falls from between Manu’s teeth, but Carlito doesn’t seem to mind anymore, taking an apple out of his tights

Destroying. Now dat…das cool.
~’lito take a bite and tips his apple towards Siaki, who nods in return. Carlito turns to do the same to Manu, but Carlito jumps in fear a bit at the look on Manu’s face, prompting Carlito to just walk away a little shaken up as we fade away…

Spoiler for Splitting Respect:

We open right to a locker room scene at This is Exile, where we see Jack Evans handing Low Ki a towel. Ki wipes the sweat off of his face with it, Evans looking as best he can to possibly look like consoling his friend and partner. The two don’t share any words, partially because that’s obviously not Ki’s style, but also because Ki just has an expression on his face like he just wants to hit something. Evans doesn’t get too close, but suddenly two figures walk into the room that break that silent aura…

Hey. We uh…we’re not interrupting anything, are we?
~Benjamin and Haas, in their street clothes and their duffle bags from earlier in the night, enter the frame but get a good look at the brooking Ki and almost walk right back out

Woh…it feels really tense in here.

Yeah, well, losing does that to ya. Right Shelton?

Watch yo mouth, Vanilla Ice.
~Evans puts his hands up as if to say he’s innocent

I’m just sayin’, dude.

We didn’t come here for trouble. We came here because…well, were you two planning on entering the Trios Tournament?

Actually, I am. I spoke with London and Kendrick earlier tonight and we’re all set to go crazy togetha’.

What about you, Low Ki?
~Ki stops wiping his head with his towel and brings it down, revealing his intense face that almost literally tells Shelton ‘IDFAF’

Oookay…well, see, Shelton and I were really looking forward to the competition in the Tournament. And we saw how great you did out there against Gregory Helms.

AND we know how good you can be when the pressure’s on. That match we had with you guys a few weeks ago opened our eyes a little bit.

And we know you’re a guy who follows a very strict warrior code. We know that code has a great deal to do with respect. That’s exactly what me and Shelton have based ourselves around since we got here in AOW.

We strayed for a little bit, but we came right back. So we’re asking you, out of respect, to join us in the Trios Tournament.
~Ki actually looks like he listened intently. He stands up and walks a little closer to both men

Low Ki
On one condition. If I win with you, me and Jack get another shot at the gold.
~The surprise deep, booming voice of Ki looks like it sends a quick shiver down Benjamin and Haas’ spines, but not enough to leave them silent

Yeah. Alright. Deal.
~No one shakes hands, however, as Ki doesn’t give them a chance to as he sits back down and goes back to staring a hole in the floor. Benjamin and Haas did what they came here to do and turn to walk out, both men bumping fists with Evans as they leave…

Spoiler for Szatowski’s Dreamer Nightmare:

We’re brought to the unbelievably hectic scene of Tommy Dreamer being rushed through the halls of the back towards an awaiting ambulance. The camera is rushing after the stretcher all the way to the ambulance when its suddenly stopped…

Robert Szatowski:
Where the hell do you think you’re goin’?

Uh…I’m trying to get a good shot of Mr. Dreamer.

Robert Szatowski:
Good shot? A good shot? What the hell is wrong with you, dude? Don’t you see the guy was beaten to within an inch of his life? He needs medical help, not a close-up. Now get outta here.
~Szatowski pushes the cameraman back, but he doesn’t fall. TAFKA RVD rushes back towards the ambulance, but he’s stopped when the cameraman speaks again

Rob, does it weigh on you that Mr. Dreamer is in that ambulance because of you? How do you feel about Finlay’s comments? Do you really believe you’re a shell of your former self?

Robert Szatowski:
I said get –
~The last question seems to actually stun RVD in place, staring through the camera not with anger but…sadness?

Robert Szatowski:
I don’t know, dude, just get outta here.

Are you gonna avenge –

Robert Szatowski:
~Szatowski shows his first signal of violence in over a month, actually kicking the cameraman down before leaping into the back of the ambulance and SLAMMING the door shut. The last image we have of the scene is the ambulance whirring off, sirens blazing, but a close up shot of Szatowski through the back window shows him incredibly sad and distant as the cameraman struggles to get back to his feet and we fade away…


The Hammerstein Ballroom – Manhattan, New York City, New York

“Out of Exile”

.:Confirmed for Oblivion:.


*The Rematch*
Dynasty Champion CM Punk(c) v. Muhammad Hassan


~Trios Tournament: Opening Round~
AOW Tag Team Champions World’s Greatest Tag Team & Low Ki vs. Lance Storm & Sons of the Dungeon

Mercenaries, Inc. vs. The Hooliganz & Jack Evans


Mick Foley names the new #1 contender for the AOW Heavyweight Championship

Decided not to give a long preview after unloading lots of information on you guys. Hope to have this up by middle of the week and hope all stay well until then


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
It's Baaaaack...
.:Oblivion Edition 39/40 Recap NOW POSTED!!
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