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Re: World Heavyweight Championship vs WWE Championship

Originally Posted by slatersgonnaslate View Post
regardless of lineage, names or definitions, the facts are simple. The World title is currently, and has been for years now, the B-show title. It effectively should be named the smackdown title.

It is now on the same level that the intercontinental title was during the attitude era, used as a proving ground for up and comers or to give old timers one final piece of glory and recognition. Frankly, thanks to the John Cena effect, none of the title in WWE actually feel like they mean anything whatsoever anymore, but if we are directly comparing, the WWE title is the be all and end all. Fact.
Okay, its not a fact. I considered Batista, Undertaker, and Edge to be much better wrestlers then John Cena, Randy Orton, and Triple H. Wrestling is fake. Which means that its perfectly reasonable to believe that the holder of the WHC is equal to the holder of the WWE title. It may be fact that in real life the contenders for the WWE title are bigger stars than the WHC, but in kayfabe? And better wrestlers, not just bigger stars? No, kayfabe is w/e WWE says, maybe depending on how believable it is. When Sheamus wrestled Punk in Champion vs. Champion matches, Punk cheated and acted like a coward, once refusing to wrestle Sheamus altogether. Thus, in kayfabe, I see Sheamus as superior to Punk. I would say the same thing about Big Show when he held the WHC a short time ago, that he would easily beat Punk in a match, since he dominated whenever they faced each other in the past yr, but interference prevented a result from being reached. I wouldn't say the same about Del Rio, only because his win over Big Show wasn't entirely legit, and cuz Punk beat Del Rio twice during the end of 2011.

SmackDown has been less significant than Raw from the TV show's inception, and from the beginning of the brand extension. But, the brands were extremely close to equal in actual quality up until the exits of Batista and Undertaker. Batista/Taker/Edge were right up there with Cena/Orton/HHH, just like Angle/Benoit/Guerrero/Lesnar/Taker were right up there with HHH/HBK/Goldberg/Booker T/???, if not superior. B-show by just an inch isn't really a B-show. Only NOW is it really the "B-show," and even now viewers can reasonably believe in kayfabe that its equal.

Oh, and lastly, Royal Rumble winners pick the WHC sometimes, too; they choose to go after what they think is the biggest victory they can get.

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