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Re: CM Punk's tweet about Lance Armstrong

Originally Posted by The BoogeyMan View Post
Hmmm, this should be interesting.

Why the constant comparisons, gentlemen? I hear all this talk about "Armstrong doesn't even KNOW who punk is lololol" yet why is that a big deal? So fame is the deciding factor here? Or what business you're in? Money?

Let's be clear. Cycling has more mainstream attention, yes - But CM Punk *chose* Pro Wrestling, it's not like he tried out for cycling and failed so went with Wrestling instead. Though yes, let's all laugh at the man living his dream job.

No, it's actually not ironic. It would be ironic (and hypocritical) if HE took drugs but he doesn't.

So what if drugs used to be rampant in Pro Wrestling, does that mean he has to take the shit for his entire business? We blaming the Benoit situation on him, the Katie Vick angle? No?

If he did that then he'd be fucking over his own company. You see the importance of that, right? Or why his Boss might be pissed off?

You understand that by doing that it would jeopardise The Rock possibly walking out of WM (as he obviously wouldn't want that information out there) whereas a tweet about a random celebrity will only get idiots like us talking on the internet.

So if Punk wants to voice his opinion on one person he has to voice it on everybody, right?

Man, the rules have changed since I last posted here.

LOL so his lack of creativity was what disappointed you here? The fact that a Pro Wrestlers Tweet wasn't "The Da Vinci Code" or a Salvador Dali Film?

Not to disappoint you here but if you want creativity then you should probably look somewhere besides Twitter.

Ok this is where some people are seeing this from a wrong perspective. Or we'll say different.

Usually when somebody is on drugs we feel sad for them. Like when we see Jeff Hardy turn up to an event mashed, many of us (lol) just wish he would go to rehab and just sort himself out, get his life back on track. If your brother or sister came to you and said they were hooked on cocaine and wanted your help, you'd pour your heart and soul into helping them get better and that's great.

But that's not what Lance Armstrong did. He purposely took enhancers to help him cheat and win a World-Renowed competition by beating a whole host of other athletes who spent years preparing and worked their asses off only to be cheated out of it. He lied to everyone and then basked in the glory, then continued to do it for years to come.

Imagine if you worked in an office for years, waiting for a promotion and then the Boss gives it to his niece. Lance Armstrong here is the niece.

I don't see how CM Punk is an "asshole" for one "unimaginative" Tweet to a celebrity who, by normal standards, would be the asshole. But hey, each to their own.
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