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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Mid South is the name of the game baby.

Chavo Guerrero (Sr.) vs Mr Olympia, Mid South (6/24/83)


Loved this, a really simple babyface vs heel match with Chavo (known to some as Chavo Classic in mid 2000s WWE when he managed Chavo Jr) being a really stellar fired up babyface and Olympia being a very graceful and theatrical bumper who takes all of Chavo's offence with applomb. Chavo is returning from an injury caused by Olympia so the bulk of the match is an extended squas with Olympia constantly trying to seize an opening and wear Chavo down with holds, only for Chavo's superior wrestling ability to allow him to constantly find a counter and continue the onslaught. LOVED Chavo grabbing the holes in Olympia's mask as he dragged him across the ring as well as using them to stop Olympia escaping a punch combo in the corner, little touches like that really make me smile in wrestling and this was no exception. Olympia takes everything wonderfully, getting great height on each bump and also adding a theatrical and showmanlike touch to a lot of his bumps. Finishing stretch is beautifully worked with Chavo beating the piss out of Olympia in the corner, the referee pulling him away allowing Olympia to stick something on his boot and hit a dropkick which Chavo bumps for in the most tremendous fashion to make you buy it as the finish, Olympia getting the pin but Chavo getting a foot on the bottom rope at 2.9 and then Olympia working a convincing sleeper hold as a surefire match ender only for Chavo to again fight out of the hold to a huge pop before shortly after hitting a great German suplex for the pin.

Magnum TA vs Ted Dibiase, NO DQ (OKC), Mid South (5/27/84)


Adored this, goes 9 minutes but these two know how to make of lesser length feel longer and in a good way. Dibiase is indescribably great as the cocky, cowardly, stooging and methodical heel whilst Magnum continues to demonstrate how great a babyface he was, especially one with tremendous fire and passion behind his comebacks. Dibiase attacks Magnum as he heads back to his corner immediately as the bell rings and dominates early by punching and launching Magnum to the floor and giving him a beating in the crowd. Magnum manages to turn the tide however and Dibiase's cowardly retreating is majestic and he bumps and eats every punch and bump with precision before turning the complexion of the match with the loaded glove which Magnum blades ridiculously off of. Next few minutes see both men in their best roles: Dibiase as that sinister and dangerous heel controlling a beaten man and Magnum building sympathy and heat for his comeback. Loved Dibiase's cockiness and toying with Magnum leading to him eating a top rope bump to the floor before Magnum manages to string a desperation comeback flurry and hits the belly to belly to survive and retain the belt by the skin of his teeth.

Jim Duggan vs Ted Dibiase, NO DQ, Mid South (3/8/85)


Oh sweet baby jesus, if you people still haven't watched a match in this series I emplore you to rectify that this instant. Sub 10 minute match which is just worked to perfection and typifies both characters: Dibiase the sleazy and scheming heel agains the heroic, tough as nails resilient hero in Duggan. Dibiase distracts Duggan enough to blind him with powder at the beginning and proceeds to beat the piss out of him relentlessly, opening up a nasty cut in the process. Dibiase is even better here in control as the calculating and methodical bastard with all the time in the world and Duggan is his equal when it comes to selling. He bumps and throws himself around the ring in a way that would impress Ricky Morton and he's got this brilliant delayed bumping and punch drunk selling throughout the workover that's just so entertaining and perfectly puts over Dibiase's beating. There were two bits of selling in particular, one a delayed bump where Duggan carefully splits his legs before collapsing almost with nothing left and another where he collapses to his side as he's trying to cling onto the ropes for support that struck me as truly exceptional selling. His comeback contains all the piss and vinegar that you desire, umpteen great punches which Dibiase sells and bumps for as match enders, there was one haymaker in particular where the footage sort of slows down at the precise moment the punch connects and it looks like a knockout blow as a result with Dibiase's bump being exquisite. Finish is a really great true to the bone heel screwjob with Duggan having his pin interrupted, colliding with Dibiase and inadvertantly taking out the referee long enough for Dibiase to get the loaded glove and strike Duggan just before he lands his punch to win the match. Heat is great and it sets up their feud ender match perfectly with the Glove once again buying Dibiase a victory he never should have had.
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